Dark Magician the Dragon Knight (2024)

  • If "Dark Magician" is in your hand, use both effects of "Keeper of Dragon Magic" to set up the Fusion Summon of this card.
  • You can use "Super Polymerization" to Fusion Summon this card using your opponent's Dragon monster.
    • You can chain "Super Polymerization" to summon this card in response to an effect that would destroy your Spells/Traps. However, it does not stop a non-targeted non-destruction means of removing your Spells/Traps.
  • If Fusion Summoned, this card can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard with "Eternal Soul". Both cards synergize well, since "Eternal Soul" protects this card against opposing card effects while this card protects "Eternal Soul" from being targeted or destroyed by the opponent.
    • Combined with "Power of the Guardians" with at least 1 Spell Counter, your opponent will find it very difficult to remove these three cards. They would need non-targeting Banishment, Returning, or negation to disable "Eternal Soul" long enough to do the same to this monster.
  • This card can be used to protect "Future Fusion", making it endure the two turns needed to conclude the Fusion Summon.
  • This card can be used to protect "Prohibition", leaving the opponent's Deck weakened for a prolonged amount of time. This is especially effective against Decks that rely on specific cards.
  • This card can be used to protect Trap Cards whose effects only apply during your turn, or are better utilized during your turn.


As this card shares the same name as "Dark Magician", it, too, has the same card support.

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Dark Magician the Dragon Knight (2024)
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