Write a short note on urabnism as a way of life, in about 100 words. (2024)

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The concept of “Urbanism” represents a way of life. The term generally denotes the diffusion of urban culture and the evolution of urban society.Louis Wirth has mentioned four characteristics of urban system or urbanism – heterogeneity of population, specialisation of function, anonymity and Impersonality and standardisation of behaviour.

Prof. Ram Ahuja says that urbanism Is a way of life which is characterised by certain elements such as transiency (short-term relations), superficiality, (impersonal and formal relations with limited number of people,) anonymity (not knowing names and lacking Intimacy) and individualism (people giving more importance to one’s vested interests).Urbanism is a special concept which Inherits within itself all the characters connected with Urbanization and the urban way of life. The concept was given its final shape by Louis Wirth. Urbanism is a category of relevant element terms. It is a developing concept as the urban life pattern Itself, as it appears, is a developing and constantly changing phenomena.

Characteristics of Urbanism:

1. The diversity of social life (Normal and social role conflict)

2. Rapid social and cultural change.

3. Impersonalness and lack of intimate communication.

4. Materialism

5. Individualism

6. Mobility.


Write a short note on urabnism as a way of life, in about 100 words. (2024)
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