Top 10 Online Payment Gateway Platforms in Nigeria - Business Success Guide (2024)

Since the advent of technology, especially online shopping, there has been an increase in demand for payment gateway platforms that will ease the process of online payment. This will make fund transfer from the shopper to the stores convenient. Apart from transferring funds from one person to another, there are many other conditions that may necessitate having a reliable platform for online transactions.

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After series of researches, I have been able to come up with a list of the top 10 online payment platforms in Nigeria that Nigerians can use for making payments or receiving money from their clients or customers.

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GTPay is the payment method introduced by GTBank for ease of payment to receive payments from both international and local payment cards. Using GTPay is a convenient, secure, and safe payment method with some benefits such as:

Timely transaction: Using this payment option is relatively fast because you can get your money within 24 hours of completing the transaction.
International acceptance: Whether you expect payment from a local or an international card such as MasterCard, Interswitch, or VISA, rest assured that you can do that with your GTPay.
GTPay monitoring log: The card is equipped with an online monitoring console that can be used to monitor transactions in real time.
Convenience of payment: GTPay offers you a convenient payment method without sacrificing your comfort. While at home relaxing or working in the office, you can conduct your business without hitches.


Another convenient payment method is the Interswitch Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) which supports some payment networks such as MasterCard, Verve, China Union Pay, and other networks. The system is reliable, secure, and scalable for any form of electronic transaction. Open-system architecture is the power behind this payment platform. It combines that with relational database technology that offers clients reliability over time.

By using Interswitch, you can conduct real-time transactions that make access to your funds across all the banks in Nigeria possible through Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, Kiosks, phones, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), bank branches, and web.


eTranzact is one of the best payment platforms in Nigeria. It is the first of its kind to win an award in the online payment sector. This electronic payment platform supports most of the payment options available such as VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard. It is a good way to conduct check-or cash-based transactions. It works well with others in the e-payment space such as PoS, ATM, Internet, and Mobile.

The security of the payment platform is ensured with the encryption of all the information on the card, a measure that is crucial to maintaining the security of confidential information on the card.


VoguePay is one of the leading online payment platforms in Nigeria. The company offers a wide range of amazing features that make online payment easy. Whether you are an offline or online entrepreneur, you make payments and receive such from any part of the world by using VoguePay, a very reliable payment gateway for merchants who value integrity and excellent services.

VoguePay offers the lowest fee compared with its competitors. Signing up to use the services of VoguePay is free and no contract fees too. You can also take advantage of the impressive features of the company to accept payment without owning a website. Withdrawals are free and you can transfer funds to your business associates, clients, and others without visiting a bank via your mobile phone. That’s the degree of ease of use and convenience offered by the VoguePay for its numerous customers.
As a registered user of VoguePay, you are licensed to make and receive payments from VISA and eTranzact card holders. Those using MasterCard will need to sign up if you want to receive payment from them.

Simple Pay

The SimplePay gateway gives rooms to consumers or business people with an email address to send or receive payments online. By taking advantage of the financial structures of credit cards and bank accounts, real-time payment can be done with the platform. Whether you are an online merchant, small business owner, or a group, you can find this platform ideal for your business transactions.

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When looking for a platform that offers ease of operation, safety, and convenience of payment, CashEnvoy is the best for you. This payment gateway makes sending and receiving money online very easy. You can also fund the card through online bank transfer via some designated banks or through Nigerian debit cards.

Some of the benefits of using this platform include ease of payment, no subscription or withdrawal fees. You can also accept payment from CashEnvoy account holders or from debit cards. It also comes with complete transaction records for keeping track of your transactions.


UCollect is a brainchild of UBA, a payment platform that allows business people to accept online payments for their goods and services. UCollect accepts some of the most popular cards in Nigeria, such as Verve, VISA, eTranzact, or MasterCard. UCollect is to online payment what PoS is to offline payment.


GlobalPay is another payment platform from one of Nigeria’s largest banks, Zenith Bank. With this payment gateway, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world, both from local and international players via debit and credit cards. As a result, your business takes on a global outlook and gradually increases your customer base.

You can also use the online log to monitor the progress of your transaction because it uses real-time online payment processing that allows you to receive your payments without delay. You can also use multiple cards with GlobalPay without the need to integrate for each of the multiple cards.

With its real-time transaction reporting and management, the records of transactions will be automatically generated so you can monitor your transactions.


Payza is formerly known as Alertpay and is a leading figure in the global online payment business. The platform is a specialist in corporate disbursem*nt, e-commerce processing, and online sending and receiving of payments. Some functions of using Payza include global bank wires, checks, bank transfers, prepaid cards, credit or debit card, and others.

Though not directly Nigerian by origin, its services are readily available to Nigerians. Other services offered by Payza include email invoicing, foreign exchange services, fraud screening exercise, and remittances. These features give you a secure platform for making online transactions, including money sending and receiving, easy and convenient.

FirstPay Link

This payment gateway is a multi-platform online payment platform that is a designed by First Bank to make online payment easy for people in the online business world. FirstPayLink can be integrated to other websites so that internet payments can be done with eTranzact, MasterCards, and VISA. It is one of the top 10 online payment gateway platforms in Nigerians.


As more people in Nigeria are making use of the Internet more than ever, especially due to the introduction of the cashless society, the need for a way to send and receive money is crucial to the success of your business. You can make use of either of these available tools to send or receive money from anywhere in the world to keep your business growing.

Over to you

Which online payment gateway platforms in Nigeria have you used to send or receive money on your website or outside your site? What’s your experience with them like? Please, share with us because we will love to hear from you.

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Top 10 Online Payment Gateway Platforms in Nigeria - Business Success Guide (2024)
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