Swisscom International SIM Card- Prepaid International SIM cards (2023)

The Swisscom SIM allows you to make outgoing calls in more than one hundred countries and receive incoming calls in over one hundred and twenty five countries - all from one phone and one number. With this package you can now easily make calls in most countries around the world without the hassle of a contract and without special access numbers to remember.

You are not required to have AT&T, Verizon, Cingular, Voice Stream, T-Mobile, Sprint or any cellular service contract to use this World Phone SIM.

Additional minutes will be applied to the same cellular phone number so you will always be able to have the same international cellular phone number.

The Swisscom Prepaid Worldwide SIM Will Allow You To:

  • Have a phone in hand, ready to use immediately upon arrival overseas
  • Know the number in advance to distribute to colleagues and family to help maintain seamless and effective communications
  • No monthly bills! Have an active, internationally neutral Swiss-based number
  • To add units simply call or email us, and we can do an instant reload
  • Save money over a conventional cellular phone

This SIM is extremely popular because of its wide coverage and reasonable prices. In most countries calls with our prepaid option are 90¢ a minute incoming and $1.80 a minute out to anywhere in the world.

The Swisscom SIM is the most inexpensive solution to making GSM phones from around the World work instantly. GSM phones can be used within minutes of inserting this universal SIM card into any unlocked GSM phone.

This multi band SIM card is the best offer for overseas usage and can be used en-route in the USA, overseas or on your way back.

Travel with the greatest access to international cellular service from airport to airport (around the world) with security in your hand.

All calls are prepaid and low cost so anyone can use it for travel to anywhere in the world. You can also test it before you depart if you have a triband phone (The Swisscom SIM can be used on all major US GSM networks).

The Swisscom/Mint SIM comes with 300 units (Equivalent to 30 incoming minutes, or about 15 minutes out on most networks in most countries).

By purchasing one reload (or more) at $98.86 each now you will get 1000 units per reload for a total of 1300 units.

Approximate Incoming Minutes Per Card: 130
Approximate Outgoing Minutes Per Card: 65
Recharge later w/1000 Units Call Credit for $98.86
Approximate Incoming Minutes Per Card: 100
Approximate Outgoing Minutes Per Card: 50

Costs to make a phone call:

Calls will be approximately $.90/$1.80 minute in/out for most countries (Including Turkey). The exceptions are listed below, but the way the costs work out this way is:

One unit = 9.0¢
Incoming = 10 units (90¢)
Outgoing = 20 units ($1.80)

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Some carriers (outside of Europe, in Europe only the Ukraine has additional charges) reserve the right to charge additional fees on top of the above rates. Any additional fees will automatically deduct from your unit balance. For more information on the countries/carriers that charge more please call (800) 872-7626 x110.

Placing a call using the Swisscom SIM:

Placing calls is slightly different using the Swisscom System. For all outgoing calls you will dial *111* and the country code, number, press #, and then send.

(You will need to put a # at the end every time you execute a command.)

The phone call will go through in a couple of seconds. Instead of putting the phone to your ear immediately, you would wait about two seconds, and the phone will ring, alerting you to pick up the phone and speak to whomever you are calling. Answer the phone and you will hear your call going through.

Just dial

* 1 1 1 * then country code, city code, the phone number (country code is 1 for US), press # and finally the send key to dial any number.


In These few seconds Swisscom calls you back instead of you waiting on the line to turn a call from the US, to a call that looks like it is coming from a different location.


Checking your balance:

You will hear your balance whenever you make a phone call, but there may be occasions where you would like to find out your balance without having to make a call. It is important for you to frequently check your balance, so that you will know as far in advance is possible when you need to add more time. Also, after re-loading your phone you will want to make sure that the credit was added.

To do a free Balance Check on your SIM card:

Dial * 1 4 7 *, then press # and then the Send or Yes key.

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{There must be a # at the end of every line entered}

Voice-mail Instructions:

This voice-mail is a call divert-style voice-mail meaning that calls will either go to your phone or voice-mail box. It will not ring a certain number of times and rollover to your voice-mail like on other phones.

This is necessary to make sure that you will receive incoming calls. You may have already noticed that it can take several rings for your call to go through, and there are problems with many US international products that forward to voicemail even when the call could have gone through to the phone.

On most phones you can program the *xxx* commands (*121* commands for your voice-mail) into your phone book. The *121*33# number incurs airtime and works just like any other outbound call on this system.

Voice-mail Commands:

Creating (*121*99#) used only once do not program this one into your phone. Note when you initally create the Voice-mail box you can hang up after the message "Combox Installation in Progress"

shows up on your display. Wait a few minutes before dialing *121*33# to finish setting up your voice-mail box.

Note: There is no voice-mail pin. If you dial *121*33# from your phone you will automatically be in your voice-mail box and you will be able to check your messages or record new greetings. You can protect your voice-mail from unauthorized use by enabling the four digit pin option on your phone.

activating (*121*11#)
deactivating (*121*00#)
status (*121*22#) (to find out if call divert to v.m. is active)

Coverage- Partial Country List


Albania Andorra Argentina Australia Austria

Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium

(Video) How To Use Your Cell Phone Internationally | Travel Tips & Advice

Bosnia Botswana Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia

Chile China Croatia Cyprus Czech Rep.

Denmark Egypt Estonia Fiji Finland

France Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar

Greece Guernsey Hong Kong Hungary Iceland

India Indonesia Ireland Italy Ivory Coast

Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait

Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg Macao

Macedonia Madagascar Malaysia Malta Mauritius

Moldova Monaco Montenegro Morocco Mozambique

Namibia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman

Palestine Peru Philippines Poland Portugal

Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal

Serbia Seychelles Singapore Slovak Rep. Slovenia

(Video) The Best International SIM Card | KnowRoaming

South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden

Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Togo Tunisia

Turkey UAE Uganda UKGB Ukraine

United Kingdom USA Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam

West Indies Yemen Yugoslavia Zimbabwe And more….

South America/Caribbean

Argentina Bolivia Chile Dominican Republic Guyana

Guadeloupe Martinique Peru St. Barthelemy St. Martin


Coverage in Africa

Algeria Botswana Cameroon Cape Verde Congo

French Guyana Ghana Guinea (Equatorial) Ivory Coast

Kenya Mali Madagascar Mauritania Morocco

Mozambique Namibia Senegal Seychelles South Africa

(Video) Buying a Sim Card at Amsterdam Airport

Sudan Tanzania Uganda Zimbabwe

Click Here to learn about our global roaming prepaid SIM card. A great replacement to Swisscom with many of the same features at a rate much lower than Swisscom EasyRoam that you used and loved.


How do I get a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland? ›

SIM cards are far from cheap in Switzerland – but the whole country is known for being expensive. You can get a Swiss SIM card for 10 CHF (11 USD) from Salt Mobile and 19.90 CHF (21.70 USD) from Swisscom or Sunrise Mobile in their stores. SIM cards are also sold at Zurich Airport (ZRH).

Does Swisscom work in the US? ›

Unlimited calls and mobile data anywhere in the world. Thanks to our comprehensive flat-rate subscriptions, attractive data packages and low-cost calls, Swisscom will also meet your communication requirements while you are abroad.

How can a tourist buy a SIM card in Switzerland? ›

All airports and larger rail stations have shops run by the Swiss telephone providers Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt where you can buy SIM cards. Kiosks, post offices or grocery stores also sell prepaid SIM cards.

Which SIM card is best in Switzerland? ›

A Sunrise prepaid sim card is a little more flexible as their unlimited data package is valid is for 24 hours and does NOT end at 00.00 like the Salt and Swisscom data packages per day. Therefore Sunrise is the best prepaid sim card in Switzerland in 2022!

Can I buy International SIM cards? ›

International SIM cards can help you stay connected when you travel abroad. They allow you to use your own phone and existing cellular plan while in another country. With these SIM cards, you can make voice calls, send text messages, and get online with your mobile device.

How much does an international SIM card cost? ›

A Review of the International SIM Cards
SIM CardPurchasing FeeRates
TravelSim$10Slightly cheaper for Zone B destinations
GoSim$17More expensive
WorldSIM$27 minimumWeird
5 more rows
16 Sept 2022

Does Swisscom work in Europe? ›

The Message Travel 100 package is valid for 12 months in all countries. You can buy the Message Travel package from the Swisscom Cockpit while still in Switzerland or while travelling. Access to the Swisscom Cockpit is free of charge wherever you are in the world.

Where does Swisscom operate? ›

Swisscom only operates in Switzerland and Italy.

How do I get data to work abroad? ›

Shop roaming plans with your network provider

Tap Mobile Data, Cellular or Cellular Data. Then tap Mobile Data Options and turn on Data Roaming and other settings suggested by your network provider.

Can I buy a SIM card as a tourist? ›

As long as you own a phone that's unlocked for international use and compatible with local networks such as T-Mobile and AT&T, getting a SIM card online or at a local retailer is both easy and affordable. These are some of the best prepaid SIM Cards for U.S. travelers and tourists to consider.

Can you buy international SIM cards at the airport? ›

Here are a few things to consider when buying a local or international SIM card when you arrive at your destination: Many arrivals terminals have phone stores where you can set up your SIM before even setting foot outside the airport.

Is there a SIM card that works in all countries? ›

A prepaid global Sim

It can be a good option if you're a frequent traveller to different countries, and you don't want the hassle of swapping in local Sims each time. While it can differ by provider, here's how they typically work: You buy the global Sim card online before you travel, and use this while you're abroad.

Which SIM is best for international? ›

What Are the Best International Sim Cards?
  • Best Overall: GigSky 4G LTE/3G Data SIM Card.
  • Best for Your European Adventure: Orange Holiday Europe.
  • Best for eSim: OneSimCard Travel.
  • Best for Paying as You Go: Three Mobile Pay.
  • Best for Travelers on a Budget: Ultra Mobile Trial Kit.
11 Jul 2022

Is there a SIM card that works all over Europe? ›

The Orange Prepaid SIM is one of the best roaming SIMs for Europe as the plan allows you to use your minutes allowance to call anywhere worldwide. It comes with 2 hours and 1000 texts that can be used to call any number in the world as well as 20GB of data that works across the UK and many European countries.

Can I buy a SIM card in Switzerland airport? ›

To get a Swiss SIM card, you need a valid ID (passport or identity card). You can buy one in regular shops, in electronics stores, at the main train station, at the airport, in operators' shops, small shops, at the post office. Credit to top your card can be bought at the same places, or online.

Can prepaid SIM card be used internationally? ›

A sim card allows you to make calls, send messages and access the internet. In the same vein, an international sim card has the same functionality as a normal sim card but can be used worldwide.

How do I make my SIM International? ›

Answer: Carefully punch out the SIM card from its plastic holder and insert the card into your unlocked GSM mobile phone* as instructed in the phone's user manual. Turn on your phone. Your phone will now have an international that works in the USA, Europe, Caribbean and growing.

How do I get a SIM card from another country? ›

SIM cards are available for purchase in other countries at many of the usual locations: At the airport, phone carrier stores, or small convenience shops (e.g., 7-11). The easiest location to pick up a SIM card would be as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Can I put an international SIM card in my phone? ›

An International SIM card can be used worldwide. It allows you to switch between an American number (even the one you already have) and foreign numbers so the people you're communicating with don't have to pay extra to call or text you, regardless of where they are and what country you happen to be in at the moment.

Do international SIM cards expire? ›

The SIM card will stay active as long as you add credit to it at least once every 18 months. You can buy both credit and prepaid data plans with TravelSIM. Countries are classed into three different zones - A, B and C, with plans for Zone A countries the cheapest and plans for Zone C countries the most expensive.

How does a prepaid international SIM card work? ›

An international SIM card is a SIM that you can use worldwide. When you switch countries, the international SIM will generate a new, local number for your phone, allowing you to text, call, and use data over a local network.

How do I call Swisscom from abroad? ›

Making calls abroad

Swisscom hotline number example: +41 800 800 800 or Swiss Service number in Austria: +43 810 810 840.

Is Swisscom Internet Unlimited? ›

Normal personal use. Swisscom defines “normal personal use” as normal mobile usage associated with the use of the user's SIM in a mobile device for voice, SMS/MMS and Internet connections. In this case, usage is unlimited.

How do I turn on roaming in another country? ›

How to activate international roaming on Android phones
  1. Tap “Settings.”
  2. Click “Connections.”
  3. Select “Mobile networks.”
  4. Switch on “Data roaming.”
29 Apr 2022

Is Swisscom a good company? ›

88% of employees would recommend working at Swisscom to a friend and 73% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is Swisscom real? ›

Swisscom AG is a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland.

What is the best network in Switzerland? ›

It's nothing new: the Swisscom mobile network is Switzerland's best network.

Can I get unlimited data abroad? ›

Planning a holiday can be hectic enough, even without any extra worry about incurring extra charges when you use the internet on your phone overseas. Good news is, you absolutely can use your unlimited data plan abroad.

How can I avoid getting charged for data abroad? ›

So, let's start! How to Avoid Data Roaming Charges on Android?
Our Tips & Tricks to Avoid Roaming Charges
  1. Check roaming rates. ...
  2. Compare different plans. ...
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi. ...
  4. Restrict your time on the Internet. ...
  5. Send text messages. ...
  6. Download a data monitor. ...
  7. Get a Prepaid SIM Card or eSIM.

Is it free to use WiFi abroad? ›

You don't have to rely on 3G or 4G data to use the internet on your phone when you're abroad. In many countries you'll find yourself visiting, most hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants will have Wi-Fi. And the best thing is, it's usually free, although you may be expected to buy a drink if you're not already a customer.

Do I need a new SIM for international travel? ›

Buy a Local SIM Card

Before you travel, check with your provider to make sure your phone will work abroad. Swapping out the SIM card will give you a new international number, so give this number to friends and family back home if you want them to reach you.

Can you buy a SIM card without a contract? ›

Pay-as-you-go SIMS have no commitment and no contract. Top-up your data, text or minutes by top-up card, credit or debit card whenever you want and choose the amount that matches your budget.

What is a worldwide SIM card? ›

An international SIM card or travel SIM card allows you to connect to a local network in various countries around the world. In this manner, you can avoid excessive roaming fees that your local operator or carrier may charge when you are abroad.

Can I buy an international SIM card for my iPhone? ›

You can buy an international SIM card to connect to the internet when you're abroad. It will give you mobile data at an affordable, upfront price – this is a lot cheaper than using your current provider. Some iPhone have dual-SIM features so you can insert the new SIM card without losing your old one.

How do I keep a SIM card alive when I am Travelling abroad for more than 6 months? ›

To keep your sim alive during your abroad stay, always have sufficient amount of balance which can allow you for incoming calls and keep your sim always in on condition and make some incoming call on a particular time period, doesn't matter you pick these call or not. Or you can buy international roaming plans.

Can I buy a prepaid SIM card to use in Europe? ›

You can get a European Union (EU) SIM card for “free” (plan purchase required) or between 0.65 EUR/0.55 GBP/0.70 USD (in Poland) to 100 EUR/85.75 GBP/105.20 USD (in Luxembourg). However, you will often spend around 10 EUR per SIM card per country (but the average is 10.25 EUR).

Does dual SIM work with different countries? ›

When used together, both SIM cards can provide you with many opportunities to stay connected when you go abroad. This includes: Every time you come to a new country, get a local virtual number and keep an international data SIM card in your smartphone to make and receive phone calls.

What is the best prepaid SIM card in Europe? ›

  1. 13 Best Sim Cards for Europe in 2022. ...
  2. Orange Europe sim card - 20 GB. ...
  3. Eurolink 3 GB E-sim card for Europe. ...
  4. Orange Holiday Zen E-sim card for Europe - 15 GB. ...
  5. Eurolink 5 GB E-sim card for Europe. ...
  6. Three (3) Europe sim card - 12 GB. ...
  7. Eurolink 10 GB E-sim card for Europe. ...
  8. Three (3) Europe sim card - 5 GB.
28 Oct 2022

How do I get a SIM in Switzerland? ›

To buy a SIM card in Switzerland, you will need to have a valid ID. Also, note that since Switzerland uses a GSM network, CDMA phones are not supported. The price for a SIM card by Swisscom and Sunrise is 19.90 CHF. Meanwhile, Salt SIM cards are significantly cheaper at only 10 CHF.

Can you buy prepaid SIM cards at the airport? ›

Affordable prepaid SIM cards are available at InMotion, iStore, and Sound Balance stores across many airports in the United States. The SIM cards offered are from Lycamobile and Ultra Mobile. InMotion is an electronics retailer with stores inside many airports across the United States.

How do you buy a SIM at the airport? ›

New Delhi Airport - buy your sim card from Stayconnect (T3 International Departures), Airtel (T3 International Arrivals and Departures) or Matrix (T3 International Departures)⁴. Mumbai Airport - buy an international sim card from Stayconnect (Level 4, T2) or a domestic sim card from Airtel (Level 2 Arrivals, T2)⁵.

How do I get a mobile number in Switzerland? ›

Sign up with Ringover to get a local Swiss phone number. Start by creating an online account. Then choose a phone number and pick a plan. You can then use this phone number to make calls from a smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Do airports sell international SIM cards? ›

Most international airports will have an official phone company kiosk in the airport. If you need a local SIM, head straight there after you land. You can also buy pre-loaded, local SIM cards on Amazon so you can start using your phone immediately after you land in your destination.

How can I get an international mobile number? ›

An international phone number usually starts with a '+' sign followed by the country code, area code, and phone number. For example, for the number +1 - 415 - 23523XX, +1 is the country code, 415 is the area code and the rest of the digits form the phone number.

How do I start an international phone number? ›

To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number. For example, if you are trying to call someone in Brazil (country code 55), in the city of Rio de Janeiro (city code 21), you would dial 011 - 55 - 21 - XXXX-XXXX.

Which mobile network is best in Switzerland? ›

It's nothing new: the Swisscom mobile network is Switzerland's best network.

Which SIM is best for international travel? ›

What Are the Best International Sim Cards?
  • Best Overall: GigSky 4G LTE/3G Data SIM Card.
  • Best for Your European Adventure: Orange Holiday Europe.
  • Best for eSim: OneSimCard Travel.
  • Best for Paying as You Go: Three Mobile Pay.
  • Best for Travelers on a Budget: Ultra Mobile Trial Kit.
11 Jul 2022

Is there a SIM card that works worldwide? ›

1. Orange Holiday World. The international sim card with data that covers EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Yes, with this prepaid travel sim you have data roaming included in 197 countries!

Does an international SIM card change your phone number? ›

SIM Cards Change Your Number

If you end up putting in a new SIM card, make sure you share your new number with the people whom you want to be able to reach you, and/or forward the calls from your existing cell phone number to the new number (but check to see if that will incur long-distance charges).

Can prepaid be used internationally? ›

You might be able to use your prepaid card for purchases or ATM withdrawals outside of the U.S., but some may charge foreign transaction fees. Not all cards can be used outside the United States, so check your cardholder agreement before you travel or use your card as payment in a foreign currency.


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