Spanx has become synonymous with shapewear, but its bras are the company's hidden gems — here's what we love about them (2023)

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Spanx has become synonymous with shapewear, but its bras are the company's hidden gems — here's what we love about them (1)


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  • If you own anything from Spanx, it's probably shapewear — but its bras are just as noteworthy.
  • Spanx uses soft material, wide straps that stay put, and 3D technology for natural, glove-like cups.
  • We tried everything from sports bras to full-coverage options and were unanimously impressed.

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Like Kleenex, Velcro, Chapstick, and Scotch Tape, Spanx is such an authority in shapewear that its name has become synonymous with its product.

However, the greater the fame of a product, the longer the shadow it seems to cast — and the superiority of Spanx's shapewear may be the reason for why few of us have ever ventured to try anything else from the brand. Like I once did, you probably view Spanx as a shapewear-dominant brand, and its additional products as filler. Shapewear, I used to believe, was Spanx's specialty. The rest of its styles couldn't be as exceptional.

But I was wrong. After trying most of its products as part of my job as an Insider Reviews reporter, I'm happy to admit that the company makes some of the best leggings, tights, and now bras in my closet — all of which I wear with greater regularity than its shapewear.

Below, I asked five of my colleagues to test out Spanx bras for the first time and pass down judgment. You can find our thoughts below.

If you want to get one for yourself, it's worth noting that Spanx has a risk-free try-on, with free returns on all its bras. And if you're looking for greater size variety (not Spanx's strong suit), you may want to check out ThirdLove. They make another one of our favorite bras, and they offer 70 sizes — including half cups.

Here's what six people thought of each Spanx bra style we tried:

Bra-llelujah! Full-Coverage Bra


Shop at Spanx

Available in six colors and band sizes 32-40 and cup sizes A-DDD.

Most bra straps are super skinny, fall all over the place, and don't provide the requisite support without digging into your shoulders. Spanx's Bra-llelujah Full-Coverage Bra solves that particular problem with wide elastic straps that aren't adjustable, but somehow manage to stay in place, offer support, and feel incredibly comfortable.

As someone who regularly rails against bras and bralettes without adjustable straps, I was very impressed by how comfortable these straps felt and how well they stayed in place. They never shifted, fell, or dug into my skin. If I had to guess why these adjustable straps work, I'd say it's because they're made from a super elastic Lycra material that stretches and shapes to fit your body perfectly — no adjustment needed. I also liked the front closure and the texture of the material. This bra is so soft thanks to the hosiery fabric Spanx used and the seamless design of the back and the straps. — Malarie Gokey, Insider Reviews deputy editor

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Undie-tectable Lightly Lined Demi


Shop at Spanx

Available in six colors and band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes A-DD.

Spanx's expertise at making shapewear that no one can tell you're wearing extends to its bras. My Spanx bra had a unique feeling of being a lot more tight and secure than it looked — my skin didn't squeeze out and my bra outline didn't show through my shirt.

The style is also pretty yet simple. I usually shy away from lacy numbers since they tend to be itchy and irritating, so I was surprised and impressed when I put this one on and felt ... nothing. It's the kind of bra that you put on in the morning and pretty much forget about until you have to take it off later. — Connie Chen, Insider Reviews senior reporter

Mesh Panel Medium Impact Sports Bra


Shop at Spanx

Available in one color and sizes XS-XL.

I think I might be in love with this bra. I've never felt so much comfort and support at the same time from a sports bra. Spanx advertises that this medium impact bra is designed with "Back-smoothing and dig-free construction," and that's not a lie. It's so flattering across your back with its criss-cross elastic, and the front holds a nice shape as well — no matter how much you move around. I wore it while I ran, rode a bike, and slammed sandbags on the gym floor. The bra was perfect for all of my exercise needs, and can even be worn to swim in.

I felt so comfortable in this bra that I started wearing it when I wasn't even planning on working out. The straps are built like your average bra (that is to say they're adjustable), and the cups hold a nice supportive shape, so it's impossible to tell that this bra isn't your standard underwire pushup (which, come on, we all know are super uncomfortable). I'm a C cup so I don't need a ton of support, but I definitely need a decent amount. I would honestly market this bra as the only bra you'll ever need. — Francesca Rea, Insider Reviews senior story producer

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Pillow Cup Signature Full-Coverage Bra


Shop at Spanx

Available in five colors and band sizes 32-40 and cup sizes A-DDD.

This bra combines one of the softest and most comfortable materials I've ever felt with the support of Spanx shapewear. Understandably, this makes it one of my favorite bras to date.

As my colleagues have mentioned, Spanx straps are comparatively wide and dig-free. 3D technology and an invisible side sling combine natural lift, support, and shape, and the smooth material in the back does away with any lines under T-shirts. I can throw it on in the morning and will still opt to lounge around my home in it eight hours later.

The only thing I would note is that while I typically wear a 32DD, I would have gone up to a 32DDD if possible in this bra. The band is perfect, but I've noticed some spilling over the cups. It should give you some idea of how comfortable the bra is though since I wear it anyway. — Mara Leighton, Insider Reviews senior reporter

Bra-llelujah! Demi-Lift Bra


Shop at Spanx

Available in two colors and band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes A-C.

I wear a 34A, so the support factor of a bra has never been a huge deal for me. Instead, I judge a bra based strictly on comfort. The Spanx Bra-llelujah Demi Lift definitely provided the comfort I was looking for and fit better than almost any other bra I've worn. The straps are about two times as wide as average which helps it stay in place all day, and the front closure is a nice, easy addition.

The only issue I faced was that I started to feel the underwire about halfway through the day. This was slightly uncomfortable, but I wassopleased with the material that I would absolutely order another bra from Spanx, just without an underwire. Luckily, the site makes it easy to filter bras by preference.— Megan Foster, former Insider Reviews fellow

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Look At Me Now Low-Impact Sports Bra


Shop at Spanx

Available in two colors and sizes XS-XL.

My criteria for workout apparel is pretty simple. I just want something comfortable and supportive enough that it doesn't intrude on my workout — looking nice is an added bonus. This isn't the cutest sports bra I've ever put on, but it's definitely at the top of the list for comfort. The fabric is super soft and stretchy but still supportive enough for high-intensity interval workouts. The seamless design and strappy back on this bra actually hold your natural shape, so I could see myself wearing this in place of a regular underwire bra outside of the gym, too. — Remi Rosmarin, former Insider Reviews reporter

Mara Leighton

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