Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (2024)


Just how dynamic are your duos, Scorpio? This month, the Sun is traveling through Taurus and Gemini, heating up the two most relationship-oriented zones of your chart. Nurture your network and explore ways you can join forces to create a win-win. As a strategic Scorpio, you’ve got a keen eye for these kinds of synergies. The connections you cultivate now could turn into thriving—and lasting—resources before the end of the year.

Until May 20, the Sun is in Taurus and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Pay close attention to the people in your circle. Have you been too busy to attend to your romantic partner or a faithful friend? Carve out quality time for some “care and feeding” of these bonds.

It’s not you’ve been ignoring your relationships, Scorpio. Lucky Jupiter is also rounding out a yearlong visit to Taurus that started on May 16, 2023. This May 25, Jupiter will move on to Gemini and your intimate, intense eighth house for a year. Your bonds are about to get some serious depth—and unlike other signs, you’re here for it. As the natural ruler of the zodiac’s eighth house, you’ll feel right in the zone.

The May 7 Taurus new moon could spark a fruitful connection or pave the road to a serious commitment. Ready for that next big step? Start the talks about making things official. Between now and the Taurus full moon on November 15, you can test the waters to see if this match has the power to go the distance. In need of a fresh start with a certain someone? This is your moment for a relationship reset. Business partnerships are also catalyzed by this cosmic moment.

On May 2, your attention turns to another set of personal matters as deep-digging Pluto, your ruling planet, turns retrograde (backward) in Aquarius and your fourth house of home, roots and family. This annual U-turn will last until October 11, revealing shadowy dynamics with loved ones and your hidden fears around security.

Family is a charged topic to begin with, and over the next few months, Pluto invites you to regard your relatives as teachers and messengers, even (maybe especially) in those times that they push your buttons. Scorpio, this doesn’t mean you should stick around and fight with them. But DO get interested in what’s triggering you so you can heal it at the core. Pluto digs up whatever is buried in your unconscious. Rather than push discomfort or conflict aside, look the demons squarely in the eye.

If you’re not familiar with Internal Family Systems, aka “parts” therapy, check out No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model. It turns out we have a whole cast of characters living within each of us—that’s right, human beings are anything BUT one-dimensional. Some of those parts are like inner helicopter parents, well-intentioned protectors that are keeping us “safe” but also stunting our growth. Use Pluto retrograde to take a deeper look within, and it can be a fruitful time of growth.

On May 13, the Sun will make its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with radical changemaker Uranus in Taurus, which could throw a curveball into one of your relationships. Is it time to shake things up? Maybe things have become stagnant and you’re feeling restless. One thing’s clear: It’s time to shift the way you “do two.”

The Sun and Uranus can both be hotheaded. Together they may tempt you to push people’s buttons just to get a reaction. Instead, try authentically voicing your truth, even if that means saying, “I’m bored in our relationship, and I want to add more excitement.” You don’t have to overturn all your hard-won security for that. Start by honoring your desire to feel vibrant and alive.

Think outside any worn-out checkboxes when it comes to your relationships, whether business, friendship or romantic. On May 18, the Sun will make its once-a-year meetup with lucky, expansive Jupiter—a big push to try new things and grow. Thisclass="body-el-link standard-body-el-link" annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction, dubbed the Day of Miracles, is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year.

Stay open to collaboration offers that come from afar (Jupiter rules long-distance connections), or take a risk and reach out to someone who might seem “out of your league.” Under these skies, you could be pleasantly surprised! With the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus and your partnership house, it’s a favorable time for dynamic duos as well.

Then slip off the radar for a month starting May 20, when the Sun moves into Gemini and your privacy-seeking eighth house. A budding relationship could become uber-official as you explore ways to merge your lives and resources. For couples, getting into the deeper textures of your bond might leave you feeling vulnerable, but ultimately, going to those raw places can help you emerge from Gemini season as a rock-solid duo. This is a powerful time for research and transformational inner work, so keep your schedule light. Fiercely guard your uninterrupted time and use it to zoom in on what’s most important to YOU.

Craving more security in your life and bank account? The May 23 Sagittarius full moon will spotlight your second house of money and security, helping you settle a financial issue that’s been on your mind this year. If you’ve been toiling away toward a goal, you could finally get your payout! Thinking of asking for a raise or moving on from a job you no longer love? These moonbeams light the way for you to take an important next step toward a stable financial future and nest egg.

Besides, you’ve had plenty of practice “settling.” Since May 16, 2023, expansive Jupiter has been in Taurus, heating up your seventh house of interpersonal harmony and commitments. Are you ready to make a permanent move? Jupiter leaves Taurus on May 25 and enters Gemini, plunging into your eighth house of soul-merging, intimacy and shared financial undertakings, where it will stay until June 9, 2025.

For the last 12 months, auspicious Jupiter helped you work on communication and compromise in your closest relationships. One in particular may have developed into something more serious. Or maybe you swapped roles: If you were the breadwinner, your mate suddenly got a raise, for example. Since Jupiter rules travel and global ties, you might have met someone with a background different from yours, or maybe a long-distance connection really started to heat up.

Now with expansive Jupiter settling into your eighth house of intensity, intimacy and joint ventures, you’re diving deeper in this emotional journey and exploring your personal power. Jupiter last visited Gemini from June 2012 to June 2013, so scroll back to that period for clues of what may re-emerge. Prepare to surf a few waves on the emotion ocean! Jupiter in your emotional, psychologically adept eighth house requires you to acknowledge ALL of your feelings: the good, the bad and the fugly.

The eighth house also rules long-term wealth, assets and joint ventures. Financially, you might make some behind-the-scenes power moves during this new Jupiter cycle. Be strategic and keep your trade secrets close to your vest. The time will come for your grand debut, but until then, confidentiality is a smarter route. This Jupiter phase could even see you whipping out the non-disclosure agreements before sharing about your master plan. A few heavy hitters may cross your path, so keep your eyes open for passive-income-generating gigs, real estate deals or investment opportunities.

If you’re a paycheck-to-paycheck Scorpio, this is prime time to start funneling money into savings and retirement, or upping your contribution to those funds. Even a little bit of savings each week can add up, so get in the habit of automatically transferring funds to untouchable accounts.

On a personal front, Jupiter turns up the heat on sex and intimacy. Some Scorpios will get married, pregnant, engaged or just explore your more sensual side. This is also a vibrant cycle for anything related to spirituality, mysticism and the paranormal—right up your soulful sign’s alley!

Healthy is sexy! All month long, your co-ruler, frisky Mars, is galloping through passionate Aries and your wellness sector. Mars motivates you to focus on physical pursuits, like getting fitand strong and treating your body like a temple. (Hey, it probably has its fair share of worshippers, so it’s an accurate description!) Eating well and working out are good for you on many levels: They also boost libido.

Just keep an eye on your stress levels, which can spike without warning. Anxiety and micromanaging can flare when you feel out of control, but those never do much good for your relationships. Watch out for a critical streak, which you could be tempted to turn on both yourself and your partner.

Luckily, you have some help tempering that intensity from the other love planet, harmonizer Venus, who’s in tender Taurus and your partnership zone until May 23. This can fuel the desire to lock things down or sweeten your time together as a duo. If Mars starts a finger-pointing fight, Venus in Taurus will help you see things from the other person’s POV. On May 23, in its final hours in Taurus, Venus will unite with expansive and global Jupiter, which could be a moment when duos become official or share their affection in an open-hearted way.

Summer lovin’ starts to sizzle on May 23, when Venus moves into Gemini and your erotic, intimate eighth house until June 17 and cranks up the sexy heat. This is a great time for talking about deeper emotions—but also for enjoying some white-hot summer seduction. Some Scorpios could decide to make things uber-official, broaching the idea of serious commitment, shared finances, babies or other permanent moves.

It’s nice to be in control, Scorpio, but who says that has to be a one-person job? This month’s stars nudge you to start forging partnerships and sharing the power. The Sun is moving through Taurus and your seventh house of commitments until May 20, when it plunges into Gemini and your eighth house of strategic alliances.

Dynamic duos can take you far. Reach out for support and mentorship or work the barter system. The important part? Make sure it feels like an even exchange. At the May 7 Taurus new moon and May 18 Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, you could explore exciting new collaborations, perhaps even from afar.

On May 25, lucky Jupiter enters Gemini and your eighth house of wealth, joint ventures and investments until June 9, 2024. Bring on the windfalls! You could partner up with the power players for mutual gain, finding ways to merge your superpowers. An investment or passive income scenario could pay off in a huge way over the next 12 months. Just be mindful of your risks, as gambler Jupiter can tempt you to overshoot the mark.

Love Days: 30, 7

Money Days: 14, 23

Luck Days: 11, 21

Off Days: 5, 9, 19

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (2024)
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