Naughty Things Aboard the Argo II One Shots Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic (2023)

One-Shot #1: Answer that Riddle Sexy Edition

Percy was sitting in the mess hall, with Jason, Piper, Hazel, and Annabeth. Piper was on the left of Percy, and Annabeth was on the right side. Hazel was sitting on Annabeth other side, next to Jason. Leo and Frank were sleeping for the night. Jason was still recovering from his stab wound.

It had been dangerous, and scary for the first day. Fortunately, the others learned that Jason was gonna pull out just fine, but he wasn't looking good at all right now.

He was swaying in his seat, and Piper then stated that he was going to bed, and she would be right back.

Percy and her got up and carried Jason to his bunk, where he passed out immediately when he made contact with his bed.

Piper and Percy then went back to the game, where Annabeth and Hazel sat waiting for the others.

"OK, who's ready to play?" Percy said as he sat down and he got an empty water bottle ready.

"The rules are clear: You spin the bottle and whoever it lands on, must answer a riddle from the spinner. If you get it right, you spin the bottle, if you get it wrong, you have 2 more chances. After that, you have to clean Coach Hedge's cabin." He said with a grin on his face.

"Why don't we change up the rules, let's play strip Answer the Riddle. You get it right, you spin, but get it wrong, you have to take off a piece of clothing and then spin the bottle. You get 20 seconds to guess, and if you don't guess in time, you have to take off any clothing the asker chooses. If you give up, you have to take off any clothing the asker chooses. Oh, and you don't have to clean Coach Hedge's room." said Piper.

Hazel turned red, and began to blush red, and she fanned her face. She always did that when someone suggested something that was odd in her first life. Or when Leo said weird things, like chicken nuggets.

"I'm all in, how bout you guys?" Annabeth said with a smile on her face.

"Let's do it." Percy said grinning.

"Oh, all right." Hazel said with a smile on her face as well.

"OK, let's start, I'll go." said Annabeth as she spun the bottle around.

It spun around and around until it finally stopped on Piper.

"Piper, If you are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp, You only have one match, so what do you light first?"

"I would light the gas lamp first." Piper said after thinking for several seconds.

"That is incorrect, you would have to light the match first." Annabeth said laughing.

"Ugh, that's so dumb." Piper said as she stood up and removed her shirt, leaving her bra and tanned stomach.

Percy could feel his dick getting hard in his shorts as Piper leaned forward to spin the bottle. Percy reached down, and he began to rub his bulge as Piper spun the bottle and watched it circle until it stopped and pointed at Hazel.

"Ok Hazel, you ready. What has a head and a tail, but no body?" she said.

Hazel leaned back into her chair, and she pondered the question. She then sat forward, and she said, "A coin!"

"Damn it, you're right." Piper said.

"Haha." Hazel said as she spun the bottle and it landed on Percy.

"Ok Percy, here you go. What disappears if you say its name?" she said.

Percy sat there, dumbstruck. He was racking his brain over and over again, but he couldn't think of an answer.

"Time's up Percy and it was Silence. Now... lets see... What's gonna get taken off? Hmmmm. Oh I know, take off your shirt." Hazel said.

Percy stood up and took off his shirt, revealing his six-pack, and his muscles. He had forgotten about his bulge, which was obvious to the girls, and then sat down.

"Wow Percy, seems like you really like this game." Piper whispered in his ear as she giggled and pointed at his cock.

Percy resumed as if nothing had been said. He spun the bottle and they watched it spin until it slowed to a complete stop at Annabeth.

"What we caught we threw away; What we didn't catch, we kept. What am I?" He said. He laughed as he saw Annabeth, who was smart, practically go blank.

Percy stared at her, as he smiled. He then felt something foreign grip his bulge and he looked to his side and he saw Piper looking at Annabeth and laughing along with him and Hazel, slightly closer to Percy. Her eyes met his and she winked at him as she began to rub his bulge with her right hand.

Percy turned to Annabeth, and the clock passed the 20 seconds mark.

"Hahaha, it's lice." he said. He felt a shiver as Piper had pulled down the zipper on his shorts, and was tracing a finger down his dick.

"I think she needs to take off her bra." Piper whispered lowly to Percy.

"Take off the bra, but keep the shirt on." Percy said grinning like a goof.

Annabeth unclipped the bra and pulled it out through her sleeve and she placed it on Percy's shirt. Percy couldn't help but notice that the coldness on the Argo II was really making Annabeth's nipples hard.

She spun the bottle and it stopped at Piper. Piper had taken out Percy's dick, and was slowly stroking it, up and down, up and down.

"I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for more than 5 minutes. What am I?" Annabeth said smiling at her.

Piper didn't know what the answer was, but she still thought it over.

'If something is light as a feather, why is it heavy to hold then?' she thought. Piper stopped stroking Percy, and moved her right hand to her mouth, pretending to pick at her thumbnail, and subtly spat on her palm.

She moved her hand back to down Percy's dick and she began to jerk him off again.

"I give up, what is it?" she said admitting defeat.

"It's your breath." Annabeth said, as she laughed along side Hazel and Percy.

"You gave up, so you have to take off your jeans." Annabeth said looking rather smug.

"Ok, no matter." Piper said as she stood up and removed her pants. She threw them to the side and she spun the bottle. She resumed her seat, and continued to pleasure Percy with her hand. She took a look, and what she saw was unbelievable.

Jason was usually 4 inches long. Percy on the other hand, was 8 inches. She gasped, before returning her attention to the game as the bottle slowed down to a complete stop at Percy.

She turned to look at him and asked, "I am the killer of trees, but people need me. I can be blown away by a breeze and I have been around since Ancient Greece. What am I?"

"Ummm, oh I know. It's Paper!" Percy said rather proudly.

"Dang it, you're right too." Piper replied. Percy spun the bottle and it landed on Annabeth. Piper then stood up and said she was going to check on Jason, and that she would be right back.

She got up and she turned to wink at Percy, who had just finished asking Annabeth the question. She was busy, and Percy glimpsed at Piper's ass. She smiled and walked another three steps, before turning around to face Percy and the others.

"Hazel and Annabeth close your eyes, and don't move." Piper said making her way back to them and using her charmspeak on them.

"You both are gonna think I'm checking on Jason, you are gonna forget I said all this in exactly 15 seconds." Piper continued as she moved under the table, directly in front of Percy's lap.

She quickly pulled down his pants and she remained still, until she heard Annabeth begin to talk as if nothing had happened.

"Ok, so this is a guess. Is it the eyes." she said.

"Nope, and that means it's time to take off something. Lets see, how about those panties." He said grinning. Annabeth took off her shorts, removed her panties, and then put her shorts back on.

Piper used her charmspeak and told her to hand them to Percy, and then forget about her saying it. Annabeth handed her panties to Percy, who was enjoying Piper's small hand gripping his 'broadsword'.

Annabeth spun the bottle and it landed on Hazel. Annabeth said, "Give me food and I will live, give me water and I die. What am I?"

Piper took the panties from Percy's hand and she positioned her finger to where Annabeth's vagina was in contact with the panties and she lowered them down to her own vagina.

Piper started to rub the panties into her vagina and she filled her mouth with Percy's meat stick. She gagged as he hit her throat, her fingers worked furiously to moisten her pussy. She could hardly keep her moans down and Percy held down Piper to stifle her moaning. Her hands started to massage his balls.

"Fire!" Hazel shouted.

"Damn it, you're right." Annabeth said dejectedly.

Hazel spun the bottle and it landed on Percy, "What is something you will never see again?" she asked.

Percy sat there dumbstruck, and he couldn't think because of what Piper was doing to his dick.

"Umm... I give up. What do I take off?" He said.

"Why don't we remove your pants." Hazel replied. Percy released Piper who gasped loud enough for Hazel and Annabeth to hear. Percy started to pull his pants back up to cover his saliva covered dick, but it was too late. Annabeth had moved to him and spotted his dick and Piper, who was trying to move under the table to hide. Hazel peeked under and caught Piper.

Annabeth grabbed Percy and judo-flipped him and she pressed her knife to his throat. "You better have a good explanation for this Seaweed Brain." She said, her eyes tearing up.

"Annabeth, stop. It wasn't his fault. It was mine, I used charmspeak." she said. Annabeth stopped pressing the knife and looked at Piper.

"So what, you thought you could just suck my boyfriend's dick." Annabeth said as she started to make her way towards Piper.

"Calm down. I saw his bulge and I realized he was gonna need help. Percy drop your pants and show them your big dick." She said using charmspeak.

Percy dropped his pants and his dick stuck out, and Hazel and Annabeth stood there looking at it. Piper took Annabeth's and Hazel's hands and guided them toward the son of Poseidon.

She moved the hands and they grabbed the broadsword. She couldn't help but giggle, and she kissed Annabeth on the lips.

"Since I was already sucking his dick, you two should do that." She said as she pulled Percy into a chair and Annabeth and Hazel went to their knees.

Piper moved behind Percy and she said that Hazel should suck first because Annabeth always sucks Percy's dick. Hazel was all up for it and she moved in front, she examined the pulsing phallus.

She then licked the head and dribbled some saliva down on the dick, which her hand started to jerk off. Hazel slowly took in inch after inch of Percy's dick, until 5 inches were in.

Percy then slammed Hazel's head down and held it there, all 8 inches vanished into her mouth, causing Hazel to gag. Her eyes began to tear as her throat was rammed by the hard tip.

Her body convulsed as her airway was trapped, and saliva slid down the dick. Piper was nibbling on Percy's ear, and she felt up his chest. Annabeth started to finger Hazel's pussy and her own.

Annabeth moved her fingers furiously and soon, both girls had their orgasms. Hazel's orgasm caused her whole body to shake and Percy let her go.

Hazel fell back and she started to take loud and deep breaths, just like Piper.

"My turn huh." Annabeth said as she moved to the middle and she jerked Percy's sword, getting it slick with Hazel's saliva. She kept eye-contact as she licked and teased his tip.

Slowly her lips engulfed all of Percy's dick, as she had down hundreds of times, her tongue rapidly swirled around the dick.

Percy put his hand in her hair and he balled it up tightly. He pulled, and Annabeth's head followed, and Percy's hips thrusted forwards, fucking her mouth. Annabeth gagged hard, but she still kept blowing him like a pro.

Hazel had managed to catch her breath and she started to finger Annabeth's pussy while she fingered her own as well.

Percy grabbed Piper pulled her around, so all three girls were on their knees in front of him. Percy ripped off all three girls shirts and bras, so they were bare naked from the waist up.

"Open Wide Girls!" He groaned, as he pulled out of Annabeth's mouth, moved to Piper and thrusted deep into her mouth, and then pulled out and thrusted into Hazel's mouth.

He started to jerk off his big dick, the mixed saliva of the three girls made noises, and he busted a large load. Long thick white ropes shot out, striking each girl in the face. The girls didn't move or flinch; they simply sat there, mouths open and ready for the cum.

Percy kept shooting out ropes of his warm cum for nearly 30 more seconds. When Percy was done, he passed out into the chair and the girls slowly turned to one another and they licked and cleaned one another. Nearly 10 minutes later; Piper, Hazel and Annabeth were giggling and blowing Percy until he woke up.

All three girls deep-throated him, but to no help, and Percy was still unconscious. They reclothed him, and let him rest in the chair and the girls all went to Piper's room to hang out.

End of Chapter 1. Next Chapter is another fun one. I know this one didn't have sex, but eventually chapters will have sex.

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