List of Tagalog slang words, common phrases and profanity (2024)

List of Tagalog slang words, common phrases and profanity



It is very important for non-Tagalog speakersor learners of the language to be familiar with the Tagalog slang words or phrases for their safety and to get along with the native speakers.

​This article contains Tagalog slang words, common phrases and profanity that are used almost in everyday speech. Tagalog is one of the Filipino languages spoken mostly in the southern parts of Luzon including Metro Manila. There are different varieties of the Tagalog language, mainly: Tagalog Bulaqueño (spoken in Bulacan province), Tagalog Manileño (spoken in Manila and its outskirts), Tagalo Rizaleño (spokern in Rizal province), Tagalog Batanggueño (spoken in Batangas and Laguna provinces, Tagalog Caviteño (spoken in Cavite) and Tagalog of Quezon province. Although there are no big differences, they can be differentiated based on the use of words, spelling and intonation.

Since the Philippines was ones a Spanish and American colony, many Spanish and English words had infiltrated the Tagalog language making it to expand even more. Clickhereto read more about the Tagalog grammar.


  • Abnoy- Abnormal person.
  • Ah, ganon!?-So, that's how it's gonna be!?
  • Ah, OK!- Ah, ok!
  • Ah, talaga?- Really? (surprised)
  • Akala mo lang 'yun!- A common phrase usually told to someone who supposed something the wrong way or on the contrary. Ex.A: Akala ko minahal mo 'ko. B: Akala mo lang 'yun! pero hinde!A:I thought you loved me. B: Well, you supposed it the wrong way!
  • Akin/Amin na yan!- "Give me that!" or "That's mine so gimmie that!" "That's not yours so give it to me!".
  • Ako na naman?!- It's me again?!
  • Alis!- Go out! Get outta here!
  • Amboy- American boy who lives in the Philippines.
  • Anak ng puta naman oh!- Son of a bitch!
  • Anghit- Body odor.
  • Ang labo mo!- You say it to a person when he/she is undecided or when he/she can't decide what he/she really likes or could be, having an inconsistency in conversation, can't get what he/she really means.
  • Ano?!- What?!
  • Ano ba?!- What do you need?! Don't bother me! What's the matter?!
  • Ano bang paki mo?- Did it bother you?
  • Ano daw?- When you failed to hear/understand something
  • Anong nakain mo?- What happened to you? Literally meansWhat have you eaten?(informal)
  • Anong say mo?- What do you think?
  • Apurado- From the Spanish verb "apurar" which means someone in hurry. Ex."Wag ka ngang apurado!"Don't be in a hurry! or Don't pressure me to do this!
  • Aray!- "Ouch!" An interjection of getting in pain. Ex.Aray! Napaso daliri ko!Ouch! My finger got scalded!
  • Arestado- Arrested.
  • Asa ka pa!- Usually an interjection which means like "Don't hope too much or you'll get disappointed!". Ex.A: Mahal nya kaya ako? B: Asa ka pa!A: I wonder if he loves me too. B: Hey! Don't hope too much or else you'll end up disappointed!
  • Asan?- Contraction ofNasaanwhich refers to the interrogative pronounWhere. Ex:Uy! Asan ka na ba?Hey! Where you at?
  • Askal- A stray dog.
  • Astig- Cool. Ex:Pare! astig nung ginawa mo, ah!Dude! What you've done is so cool!
  • Atat- The same as "apurado".
  • Ate- Sister (commonly used to call the attention of a female stranger older than you) Ex.Ate, pwede po bang pautang ng bente?Can you lend me 20 pesos? (formal)
  • Ayoko nga!- When you don't want something somebody is offering, proposing or giving you.


  • Babaero- A man who's fond of getting himself another woman; a womanizer.
  • Baboy ka!- Literally means, "you're a pig". It's an expression used to someone filthy.
  • Badtrip- Disappointment or Upset. Ex.Na-badtrip ako nung nakita kong may kasamang iba 'yung ex ko.I got upset upon seeing my ex with somebody else.
  • Baduy- Low class or out of fashion. Ex.Ang baduy mo talaga!You're so out of fashion!
  • Bagets- Youth or sometimes teen-agers.
  • Bahala ka!- An expression which means you let somebody do something without giving any hand, or sometimes it means you don't care to him/her at all, or you just let him/her do what he or she has to do Ex.A: Tulungan mo naman ako, oh! B: Bahala ka!A: Could you please help me? B: Do it on your own! I don't care at all!
  • Bahala na ang Dyos- Come what may. Whatever will be, will be. Literally means "Let God do what he has to do".
  • Bahala na si Batman- Come what may. Whatever will be, will be. Literally means "Let Batman do what he has to do".
  • BaklaorBading- Fag (offensive)
  • Baliw- A mentally-ill person. A crazy person
  • Banatan- A verb which means to hit someone. Ex.Babanatan talaga kita pag sinabe mo sikreto ko!I'll hit you if you share my secret to others!
  • Bangag- Stoned
  • Bansot- One who stunted in growth (quite offensive)
  • Barkada- Group of friends.
  • Bat- Contraction ofbakitwhcih meanswhy. Ex.Bat ka umiiyak?Why are you crying?
  • Bastardo- Bastard (from Spanish)
  • Bastos!- Pervert! (you tell it to someone who's becoming pervert or showing you obscene acts)
  • Batuta- A man's penis (figurative, less offensive)
  • Bayot- It is actually a cebuano word but nowadays tagalog people use it. It meansa fag person.
  • Bebot- Female.
  • Beki- Fag (sometimes spelled as Becky or Beckie, less offensive) This picture shows howbekislook like.
  • Bente- 20 pesos (from Spanish) Ex.May bente ka?Do you have twenty pesos?
  • Berde ang dugo- Gay (figurative, literally meansGreen blooded)
  • Bes- Term commonly used to call your best friend especially for girls.
  • Betlog- Male testicles.
  • Bi- Bisexual.
  • Bistado- To be revealed. Ex.Bistado na kayo!Your secret is now revealed or We now know what's your secret!
  • Bobo- A profanity which came from the Spanish language that means "Dumb". It can be used as an adjective or a noun.
  • Bokya- A failure. Ex.Bokya ang show kagabi. Last night's show didn't end up well.
  • Bold- Semi-porn movies of 80's and 90's.
  • Bolera/Bolera- One who's fond of flattering others.
  • Bongga- Elegant. Ex.Ang bongga ng damit mo, ah!What an elegant dress you have!
  • Bottom- Passive (sexual behavior)
  • Boy- Boy.
  • Boylet- A handsome guy. Usually used by girls and fags upon seeing a handsome guy. Ex.Uy oh! May boylet dun! Tara punta tayo!Hey look! There's a hot guy over there! Come on, let's go!
  • Brad- Bro, dude, man (from the English wordbrother)
  • Brown-out- When the electricity is cut off. Ex.Brown-out ng tatlong araw dahil sa bagyo. The electricity has been cut off for three days due to the typhoon.
  • Bruha- Wicked person (from Spanish)
  • Brusko- A man with a very big muscular body.
  • Brutal- Very violent, bad or unpleasant.
  • Bulbol- Pubic hair
  • Burat- Dick head
  • Burloloy- Body accessories. Ex.Tanggalin mo na 'yang mga burloloy mo sa katawan. Take your body accessories off your body!
  • Buwaya- A corrupt person. Literally meansalligator. Usually referred by media men to corrupt senators, governors and city mayors.
  • Bwelta- Revenge or Response (from the Spanish wordvuelta)
  • Bwisit!- An interjection of disappointment.


  • Cachupoy/ katsupoy- A two-sided hair like this one.
  • Casa- Cabaret (from the Spanish, meaninghouse)
  • Chaka- Ugly, no-class, hideous, ill-favored, unsightly. Ex.Ang chaka ng syota nya ngayon!His latest girlfriend is so ugly!.
  • Charot- An interjection of showing someone that you're only telling a joke or kidding. Ex.A: Alam mo mahal kita! B: Talaga? A: Charot!A: You know what, I love you! B: Really? A: Kidding!
  • Chibog- To eat too much. Ex.Chumibog ako nang husto sa party.I ate a lot at the party.
  • Chicharon- A Filipino snack prepared by deep-frying the dried pork rind with a little salt.
  • Chichirya- Junkfood.
  • Chick- A young attractive woman. (from English)
  • Chick boy- Same asbabaero
  • Chika- Gossip.
  • Chimay- Family maid.
  • Chipipay- Low class. Almost the same as "baduy". (from the English word "Cheap")
  • Chismis- Gossip (from the Spanish word "Chismes")
  • Chismoso (males)orChismosa (females)- The one who is fond of making or sharing gossips to others. (from Spanish)
  • Chugi- To be bankrupted, to close down or to be evicted.
  • Chong- Man friend, dude, guy.
  • Chupa- Blowjob. Ex.Chupain mo 'ko!Give me a head!
  • Chupador- Cocksucker
  • Colboy- Male prostitute in the Philippines. (sometimes spelled as "callboy")
  • Coño- A wealthy looking person. Ex.Maraming coño ang nakatira sa Ayala-Alabang. There are many wealthy-looking persons living in Ayala-Alabang. (in Spanish,coñomeansvagina)


  • Damo- Drugs, Marijuana. Literally meansgrass.
  • Datung- Money.
  • Dedma- To ignore, To brush someone off. Ex.Dinendma ko sa party and ex ko. I brushed my ex off at the party.
  • Dehins- No, not.
  • 'di nga?- Really?
  • DOTA- Is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft.
  • Dre- Dude (from the Spanish wordcompadre)
  • Droga- Drugs.
  • Dedo- Dead. (from the English word Dead)
  • Dun- Contraction ofdoonwhich meansover there.


  • EbakorEchas- Shit (not offensive) Ex.Ayoko dumaan dun kase ang dameng ebak ng aso dun, eh!I don't want to walk over that road since dog-shits are scattered everywhere!
  • Echapwera- To be neglected or ignored. Ex.Enichapwera nila ako sa pyesta kagabe. They ignored me at the fiesta last night. (from Spanishecha fuerawhich meansthrow outside)
  • Echos!- Almost the same asCharot.
  • Echosero/Echosera- A kidding/joking person.
  • Eh ano ngayon?- So what? (literally meansso what's today?)
  • Ek-ek- Unnecessary decorations or things. Ex.Ang dame mong ek-ek! sabihin mo na ang totoo!Get straight forward! Tell me the truth!
  • Emo- Fashion trend during the 2005 - 2010 period usually among teens, the term "emo" is stereotyped with wearing slim-fit jeans, sometimes in bright colors, and tight t-shirts (usually short-sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands.
  • Engot- Stupid person.
  • Epal- is a slang which is pertaining to a person who seeks so much attention as if he never got it in his whole lifetime or someone who's get used to breaking in on conversations. Ex.Wag ka ngang epal! Nag-uusap kame!Don't break in! We are talking about something important!
  • Ermat- Mother
  • Erpat- Father
  • Ewan ko!- I don't know! (in a rude way)


  • Feeling- To think or to have an opinion about. Ex.Feeling ko uulan. I think it's gonna rain.


  • Gago/Gaga- Stupid.
  • Gagong gupit- New haircut.
  • Gamitin- To take something/somebody for granted. Literally meansto use.
  • Gaya-gaya- One who is fond of copying what others have done. A copycat.
  • Gelpren- Girlfriend.
  • Gerlalu- Fag (less offensive)
  • Gets mo?- Do you understand?
  • Ginusto mo 'yan eh!- Expression used to someone when he/she finally realizes that it's not worth fighting for or when he/she is suffering the consequences of the decisions he/she has made before. Example, you have a younger sister who got married, got pregnant at a very young age because of this she failed to finish her studies. Then, one day she asks you money for her baby and for other household expenses. Then you tell her,"Bahala ka, ginusto mo 'yan eh!".You tell it to a person to emphasize, show or to prove them that they really made a very bad decision.
  • Gora- To go. Ex.Gora na tayo sa Manila!Let's go to Manila! (gay lingo)
  • Gulay- A very weak person (literally meansvegetable)
  • Gurang- Old-aged. (antonym of bagets)


  • Ha?!- Huh?! or What?!
  • Haliparot- Somebody as flirt as a prostitute
  • Hampas-lupa- A very poor person.
  • Hanep!- Cool!
  • Hayop ka!- Something likeHow dare you!An interjection.
  • Hinayupak- Asshole. Ex.Ano bang problema ng hinayupak na 'yun?What's going on with that asshole?
  • Hiyas- Pussy (less offensive) Literally meansornament.
  • Holdap- To be help up by someone. Ex.Na-holdap ako kagabe. I was help up last night.
  • Holdaper- Holdupper (from english)
  • Hudas ka!- You tell it to somebody when he or she is getting bad as Judas.


  • Ignorante- Ignorant.
  • Ihi- Urine.
  • Iligpit- To kill (literally meansto put in proper place)
  • Imbierna- To get annoyed. Ex.Na-imbierna ako sa sinabe nya. I got annoyed of what he has told me.
  • Inday- A common name for a family maid.
  • Indian- To fail to show up at an appointment. Ex.Inindian ako ng gelprend ko sa deyt namin. My girl didn't show up on our date.
  • Inggetero/Inggetera- One who easily gets envious for the things/accomplishments of others.
  • Inggrata- Ungrateful (from Spanish)
  • Inutil- Useless or Idiot (from Spanish)
  • Iskwater- Shanty town (fromEnglish)
  • Itlog- Testicles. Literally meanseggs.
  • Itumba- To kill (literally meansto knock down. From SpanishTumbar)


  • Jakol- To masturbate (pertaining to male masturbation) (from the English wordejaculate)
  • Jakolero- Wanker.
  • Jamming- Usually to sing together. Ex.Nag-jamming kame kagabe sa bar. We sung together last night at the bar.
  • Jan- There.
  • Japayuki- A filipina GRO working in Japan.
  • Jejemon- The one who has managed to subvert the English and Tagalog languages language to the point of incomprehensibility. A new breed of hipster who have developed not only their own language and written text but also their own sub-culture and fashion. A person of hip-hop style.
  • Jip- A public mode of transportation common in the Philippines.
  • Joga- A very big boobs.
  • Jologs- Same asbaduy.
  • Jowa- Lover.
  • Jus ko!- Oh my God!


  • Kabit- Mistess. Ex.Wala akong kabit!I don't have another woman!
  • Kaloka!- You say it when you find out something weird or strange or pathetic.
  • Kano- A person from U.S.A.
  • Kantot- To fuck. Ex.Kantutin mo'ko!Fuck me! (Vulgar)
  • Kapal mo ah!- You tell it to someone who's being boastful.
  • Kargada- A man's penis (less offensive)
  • Kasado- To be prepared. Ex.Kasado na ang plano namin para bukas. Our plans are all prepared for tomorrow.
  • Katas- Sperm (plain rude)
  • Kayod-kalabaw- To work too hard to accomplish something.
  • Kelot- Male.
  • KalyeorKalsada- Street.
  • Kepyas- Cunt.
  • Keri- To be able to do something. Ex.Keri mo bang buhatin ang mga 'to?Can you lift these up?
  • Kikay- Girly.
  • Kiki- A woman's pussy.
  • Kontrabida- Villain, Antagonist.
  • Kotong- If you are akotongyou ask culprits for money so you won't give them punishments. Usually used to refer to police men who caught law-violators and ask them for money so they won't send them to jail.
  • Kuha mo?- Do you understand? Literally meansDid you get it?
  • Kuno- Visayan foras ifused now by the Tagalog speakers. So if someone is for example an Asian who dyed his hair blonde, and has a penchant to wear blue or green contact lens could be described as: Amerikano-kuno.
  • Kupal- Idiot or Stupid.
  • Kuripot- Miserly, ungenerous.
  • Kuya- Brother (commonly used to call the attention of a male stranger older than you) Ex.Kuya, pwede po bang pautang ng bente?Dude, Can you lend me 20 pesos? (formal)


  • Labas!- Get out!
  • Labasan- To come or to have an orgasm. Literally meansto bring out. Ex.Nilabasan ako sa loob lang ng tatlong minuto. I came just within three minutes.
  • Lamierda- To go shopping. Ex.Tara! mag-lamierda tayo sa Makati!Come on! let's go shopping in Makati!
  • Lamunin- To eat something up. Ex.Nilamon ng buwaya ang bata. The alligator ate the child up.
  • Lap-lap- To make out. Ex.Nag-laplapan ang mag-jowa. The lovers made out.
  • Lasing- Drunk.
  • Leche ka!- Damn you!
  • Lintek ka!- Damn you!
  • Lumayas ka!- Piss off! Go away! (in a rude way)


  • Ma-angas- Cool or arrogant. Ex.Ang angas nung ginawa mo, ah!What you've done is so cool!
  • Ma-antotorMabantot- of foul smell. Ex.Ma-antot ang mga damit na 'di natuyo sa araw. Clothes that didn't dry up under the sun smell awful.
  • Ma-buking- To be revealed. Ex.Nabuking na sya ang nag-nakaw sa ginto. They found out that he was the one who had stolen the gold bars.
  • Macho- Hunk.
  • Ma-drama- Emotional person.
  • Mahalay- Lustful.
  • Mag-bate- To masturbate (males)
  • Mag-lakwacha- To shop around (almost the same aslamierda)
  • Mag-pingger- To masturbate (females)
  • Mag-saing- To cook the rice. exUbos na ang kanin kaya mag-sasaing na'ko!We've run out of rice so I have to cook some more.
  • Mag-sunog ng kilay- To study very hard (literally meansto burn one's eyebrow)
  • Mag-teks- To send a text message. Ex.Oy, nag-teks ako sa'yo, ah!Hey! I texted you, right?
  • Makikita mo!- Expect something bad. Literally meansyou will see!. Ex.Pag kinalat mo sikreto ko, makikita mo!If you share my secret to others, you'll see what I'm capable of doing to you!
  • Malandi- Flirt.
  • Malas- Bad luck.
  • Malibog- Horny or lustful.
  • Mamatay ka na sana!- I hope you die sooner! or Go to hell!
  • Mani- Pussy (literally meanspeanut)
  • Mang-mang- Iliterate.
  • Mano- To bless to show one's respect (fro Spanish, meaninghand)
  • Manoy- Boy best friend and sometimes a man's sexual organ.
  • Matigas ka, ah!- You tell it to someone who's brave enough that he never quits or who doesn't back down.
  • Merienda- Snack (from Spanish)
  • Mestiso- Fair-skinned person.
  • Misis- Wife (from English)
  • Mister- Husband (from English)
  • Molestya- To harrass (from Spanish)
  • Moreno/Morena- Tanned skin.
  • Muchacha- Housemaid (from Spanish, meaningGirl)
  • Muka kang tae!- Stupid jerk
  • Muna- For the mean time.


  • NanayorNay- Mother.
  • Negro/NegraorNegrito/Negrita- A very dark-skinned person (quite offensive)
  • Nene- Term used to call a little girl.
  • No?- Isn't? (from Spanish)
  • Nose-bleed- When you're getting a hard time understanding a foreign language especially English. Ex.Na-nonose bleed ako pag kausap ko ang kanong 'yun. I'm getting a hard time understanding what that American is saying.


  • Ok ka lang?- Are you ok?
  • Ok lang- I'm ok or I'm fine.
  • Okray- To be kidding, to praise somebody kiddingly or to make false stories about something or someone. Ex.A: Uy ang ang ganda mo! B: Wag ka ngang mang-okray!A: You look gorgeous today! B: Please stop joking around!
  • Okrayera- The one who praises somebody kiddingly.
  • OlatsLoser. Ex.Olats ka pala eh!You have no guts!
  • Ows?- Really?


  • Pahiya ka no?- Wasn't that embarassing?
  • Pakshet!- Fuck shit! (from English)
  • Pakyu ka!- Fuck you! (from English)
  • Palpak- A thing that doesn't function correctly. Ex.Pare, palpak naman ung binigay mong gadget sa'kin!Hey dude! The gadget you'd given me doesn't function well!
  • Panggulo- Hindrance.
  • PareorPre- The most common way of sayingdudeto a male friend. Ex.Pare! inuman tayo mamayang gabe, ah!?Hey dude! Let's have a drink tonight, OK?
  • Patok- Something that is well patronized by many. Ex.Pare! Patok na patok yang pancit mo, ah!Hey dude! It seems they all like your pancit. Isn't?
  • Payatot- A very thin person.
  • Pekpek- The most common way to refer to a woman's vagina.
  • Pera- Money (probably from Spanish)
  • Plastik- Two-faced personality.
  • Platito- Small plate.
  • Pok-pok- Prostitute.
  • Porma- The way you dress up. Ex.Gusto ko yang porma mo ngayon, pare!I like your outfit today!
  • Pramis?- You promise me? (fromEnglish)
  • Praning- Paranoid.
  • Promdi- A term used to describe someone from the province who has just come to Manila (can be offensive at times)
  • Pucha!- Fuck! (Euphemism ofPuta)
  • Puerta- Vagina (from Spanish which meansdoor)
  • Puke- Cunt.
  • Puke ng ina mo!- Fuck you! Literally meansYour mom's cunt!
  • Pumalya- To fail, to stop working, to go wrong. Ex.Pumalya ang plano namin. Our plan didn't turn out well. (from the Spanish verbFallar)
  • Puñeta!- Fuck!
  • Puñeta ka!- Fuck you!
  • Puta ka!- You're a bitch! (vulgar)
  • Putang ina mo!- Fuck you! Literally meansYour mother is a bitch!(Very vulgar)
  • Putukan- To come on someone (Literally meansto burst outoffensive when used in an obscene manner) Ex.Pinutukan nya ako sa mukha. He came on my face.
  • Pwet- Buttocks.


  • Querida- Mistress. Ex. "Puñeta ka! Mag-sama kayo ng puta mong querida!Fuck you! Piss off with your fucking mistress! (from Spanish)
  • Quieme- Et cetera, nonsense. (sometimes spelled askyeme)


  • Regla- Menstruation.
  • Repa- Buddy.
  • Resbak- Revenge.
  • Retokado/a- Someone undergone a plastic surgery.


  • Salbahe- Naughty (from Spanish)
  • Sapak- To hit, to punch or to spank someone. Ex.Sasapakin kita pag nilandi mo gelprend ko!I'm gonna spank you if you chat up with my girl!
  • Segunda Mano- Second-hand. Ex.Mahilig ako bumili ng mga segunda manong gamitI get used to buying second-hand things. (fromSpanish)
  • Seksi- Sexy.
  • Siempre!- Of course!
  • Siesta- Afternoon. The time of the day in which Filipinos usually sleep.
  • Sira ulo- Mentally-ill person.
  • Shit!- Shit!
  • Sikyo- Security guard. (fromEnglish)
  • Silahis- Bisexual.
  • Sis- The same asteh.
  • Skul- School. (fromEnglish)
  • Sosyal- Class
  • Suplado/Suplada- Snobbish (probably from Spanish)
  • Supot- Uncircumcised man (offensive)
  • Suso- Tits.
  • Susuhin- To give someone a head (literally meansto breast feed a baby)
  • Syota- Lover.


  • Tae- Shit
  • Tagay!- Let's have a shot! or cheers! (said when having a drinking session)
  • Tambay- To hang-out. Ex.Tambay naman tayo sa bahay namin!Let's stay over my our house for the mean time!
  • Tamod- Sperm or a man's cum.
  • Tanga- Idiot.
  • Tanggero- The one who serves the drinks.
  • Tang ina mo!- Fuck you! (contraction ofPutang ina mo!, offensive vulgar)
  • Tang ina naman oh!- You say it when you are pissed off.
  • Tara!- Let's go!
  • Tarantado- Foolish (rude) Ex.Tarantado ka! Bakit mo'ko niloko?You fool! What did you take me in for?
  • Tarugo- Man's penis. (probably from Spanish)
  • TatayorTay- Father
  • Tate- United States of America.
  • Tayp/type- To like someone. Ex.Tayp kita!I like you!
  • Teh- Used among girl/gay friends. Ex.Uy teh! kamusta ka na?Hey girl! How's it going?
  • Telenovela- Soap operas in Latin America.
  • Tiklo- The same asbistado.
  • Timang- Crazy or out of one's mind.
  • Tinggil- Clitoris.
  • Tira- A common way of sayingto fuck. Ex.Ano pare?! tinira mo na naman ang misis mo kagabe?Dude, what? You screwed your wife again last night?
  • Titi- The most common way to refer to a man's penis.
  • Todas- To kill or to die Ex.Tinodas ng mga pulis ang mga holdaper. The policemen shot the holduppers.
  • Tomador- Heavy drinker (from Spanish)
  • Tomboy,Tibo, orT-bird- Lesbian (slang)
  • Top- Active (sexual behavior)
  • Topak- When someone hastopakhe/she is acting up.
  • Toro- To fuck. Ex.Tinoro ko sya. I fucked her. (less offensive)
  • Totoy- Little boy.
  • Toxic- Very difficult Ex.Pare, toxic 'yung exam kanina!Dude! the exam was so difficult for me!
  • Trip- Like Ex.Trip mo bang sumama sa'kin?Do you want to come with me?
  • Tropa- Group of friends (from Spanish)
  • Tuli- Circumsized.
  • Tumae- To shit.
  • Tumahimik ka!- Shut up!


  • Ulol- Jerk. Ex.Tumahimik ka! ulol!Shut up! Jerk!
  • Umihi- To pee.
  • Upak- To punch (almost the same assapak)


  • Viva!- Long live! (from Spanish)


  • Wag ka mang-gulo!- Don't bother me!
  • Wag ka na ngang bumoses jan!- Stop breaking in on the conversation!
  • Wala akong paki!- I don't care!
  • Wala kang kwenta!- You're good for nothing! (offensive)
  • Wala kang utang na loob!- You're ungrateful! (offensive)
  • Walang hiya ka!- You're shameless! (offensive but at times used as an moderate interjection)
  • Weh?- Really?
  • Yosi- Cigarrette.

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List of Tagalog slang words, common phrases and profanity (2024)


What are common Filipino phrases? ›

Useful Tagalog Phrases and Expressions
  • Hello (informal) = Musta.
  • Hello (formal) = Kumusta.
  • What is your name? (informal) = Anong pangalan mo?
  • What is your name? (formal) = Ano po ang pangalan nila?
  • Nice to meet you = Kinagagalak kong makilala ka.
  • Good morning (informal) = Magandang umaga.

Is Gago a profanity? ›

Similar to the word ulol, gago means stupid. The way this word is used is also the same as others. You can use this in a joking manner or when you're cursing someone. Don't use these words when you're talking to your lolo or lola (your grandparents) or the elderly because you might get an earful when you do!

What are the slang words in the Philippines? ›

Filipino Slang Words to Help You Speak Like a Local
  • Kilig (ki-lig) ...
  • Gigil (gi-gil) ...
  • Susmariosep (soos-mar-yo-sep) ...
  • Nyek (ni-yek) / Oops. ...
  • Charot (cha-rot) / Just kidding. ...
  • Chibog (chi-bog) / Food or eating time. ...
  • Jowa (jo-wah) / boyfriend or girlfriend.
1 Aug 2018

What does Bubu mean in Tagalog? ›

[noun] fool; idiot. [adjective] stupid; dumb; foolish.

What is WTF Filipino? ›

The English word "wtf" can be translated as the following word in Tagalog: 1.) Anó ba 'yan! - [interjection] What the heck!

What is the most hardest Filipino word? ›

Try practicing these words so you could pronounce it properly.
  • Dumadagundong “rumbling” ...
  • Di kapani-paniwala "unbelievable" ...
  • Kagilagilalas "astounding" ...
  • Kinakailangan "important" ...
  • Kumukutikutitap "twinkling" ...
  • Mamasamasa "moist" ...
  • Misteryoso "mysterious" Next one is Misteryoso meaning “mysterious” ...
  • Patalastas "commercial"

Why do Filipinos say Che? ›

In the Philippines, che (also spelled cheh) is used to express the dismissing another person or interrupting another person's speech, similar in context to the English expression "Shut up!".

What does Bonak mean in Filipino? ›

Definition for the Tagalog word bonak:

bonák. [noun] stupid child; stupid kid; dumb kid; (slang) Root: anak.

Is Yawa a curse word? ›

Yawa (ya·wâ)

“Yawa” is used as a curse word since its English translation, according to UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino, is "demon."

Is Kupal a swear word? ›

(colloquial, vulgar) Crap!

What does Bobo Gago mean? ›



What does AWIT mean slang? ›

"Awit" is a millennial term. It's a combination of 2 words, " awww" and " sakit " , thus the word "Awit". Means aww sakit. Used when you are describing an unfortunate situation.

What is Tanga slang for? ›

Definition for the Tagalog word tanga:

tangá [noun/adjective] idiot; stupid; dumb ass; idiotic; stupid; asinine.

What is Marites Tagalog? ›

The online lingo "Marites" is probably the Filipino version of the American's “Karen”, a slang term for a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. But unlike Karen, Marites is used as a comedic relief and that's all thanks to Filipinos' great sense of humor.

What does bugga boo mean? ›

1 : an imaginary object of fear. 2 : bugbear sense 2 also : something that causes fear or distress out of proportion to its importance. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About bugaboo.

What is Bu Bu? ›

or bubu (ˈbuːbuː ) noun. a long flowing garment worn by men and women in Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and some other parts of Africa. Word origin.

What does Boo khaki mean? ›

noun. a sexual practice in which several men ejaculate on the face of an individual woman.

What is Atabs in Filipino? ›

Definition for the Tagalog word atabs:

atabs. [noun] child (slang) [adjective] juvenile; underage (slang)

What is Moody Filipino? ›

The English word "moody" can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: 1.) toyò - [noun] soy sauce; [adjective] moody; salty (annoyed) (slang) more... 2.) topakin - [verb] to be in a bad mood; to act crazily; to be moody more...

What does Burikat mean in Filipino? ›

(offensive, vulgar) a prostitute.

What are some cool Filipino words? ›

8 perfect words that are uniquely Filipino
  • SINTA – an old-fashioned word for “love” ...
  • HARANA – to woo someone by serenading them. ...
  • MAARTE – To be overly nitpicky or fussy. ...
  • KILIG – To have butterflies in one's stomach, to be on cloud 9. ...
  • Gigil – Uncontrollable urge to pinch or squeeze someone. ...
  • Pambahay – Home clothes.
18 Jun 2018

What is the easiest language for Filipino? ›

Spanish. This may not come as a surprise considering how far back our history with the Spaniards goes. That being said, Spanish is perhaps the easiest path to take when starting your language learning journey.

What is the longest Tagalog word that you know? ›

The longest known Filipino word in a dictionary is the 32-letter, 14-syllable Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin, which means "the most emotionally disturbing (or upsetting) thing" from the root bagabag which means "to upset".

Is it Nako or na ko? ›

na ko is an alternate spelling of the Tagalog word nakó. Alternate spellings may include abbreviations, informal spellings, slang, and/or commonly misspelled variations of a word.

What is Pookie in Filipino? ›

A quick Google search reveals that indeed this is a Tagalog slang term. Uncle G 01:16, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC) needs "Pookie is a common euphemism to describe something cute. It is also often used as a pet name or as a term of endearment for one's significant other."

What does Dai mean in Filipino? ›

(noun) dried fish.

What does BAE mean in Tagalog? ›

1) to embrace with a connotation of farce 2) to embrace someone. babae.

What is Samedt? ›

13. Samedt. When you just want to share the same sentiments but same old just won't do it so you add a d and t at the end to stress your sameness.

Is Tarantado a cuss? ›


This word might have its origins from the Filipino word 'taranta', which means 'to panic', but this is actually another synonym for 'gago'. Curses in Tagalog are like just any other word – they have their synonyms.

What is Bobo and Tanga? ›

Based on the modern slang lexicon, a 'bobo' refers to someone who has difficulty in processing and storing data in his brain. Therefore, acquires lesser knowlegde than an average person. A 'tanga', on the other hand, knows at least a thing or two.

What is the Tagalog of I swear? ›

The English word "swear" can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: Best translation for the English word swear in Tagalog: sumumpâ [verb] to swear; to swear to something (promise); to promise; to curse more...

What is Omsim mean in chat? ›

[expression] correct; right; (slang) Root: mismo. Not Frequent.

What does GG mean in Tagalog? ›

Win or lose, never forget to say, “GG” after a game. It means “Good game.”

What does SANA all means? ›

One of the fun parts are the slang words, and the best example is the word ''sana all'' that is a combination of the Filipino and English language. It is an expression used to wish or hope for an individual accomplishment or success.

What does Boto mean in Philippines? ›

Definition for the Tagalog word boto:

boto. [noun] vote. [phrase] in favor of.

What does Bato mean in slang? ›

Bato is a Spanish slang term that means, roughly, “guy, buddy, or dude.” It always pertains to males. Vato, with a v, is also used, but has a different connotation, and can be seen as vulgar and offensive. Related words: papi. yout.

What does Pajita mean slang? ›

Wiktionary. pajita. noun. a long plastic or paper tube through which a drink is drunk.

What does Yare mean in Tagalog? ›

[slang] What happened? Short for: "anong nangyari"

What is barramundi in Tagalog? ›

Tagalog: Apahap. Local/Asian Seabass or Barramundi is known to be fairly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, sodium, and potassium.

What does Langa mean in Philippines? ›

(verb) to assist, to help, to aid.

What is the hardest Filipino word to say? ›

In as much as 'pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin' means 'the most heart wrenching', this word is one of the most tongue-twisting.

Is Yawa curse word? ›

Yawa (ya·wâ)

“Yawa” is used as a curse word since its English translation, according to UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino, is "demon."

What is the most hardest Filipino word? ›

Try practicing these words so you could pronounce it properly.
  • Dumadagundong “rumbling” ...
  • Di kapani-paniwala "unbelievable" ...
  • Kagilagilalas "astounding" ...
  • Kinakailangan "important" ...
  • Kumukutikutitap "twinkling" ...
  • Mamasamasa "moist" ...
  • Misteryoso "mysterious" Next one is Misteryoso meaning “mysterious” ...
  • Patalastas "commercial"

How do Filipinos say sorry? ›

There is no word for "sorry" or "apology." When Filipinos are at fault, they say in Tagalog or Filipino, "Pasensiya na." That literally translates into, "Please forget your anger" or "Please let it go".

Why do Filipinos say Che? ›

In the Philippines, che (also spelled cheh) is used to express the dismissing another person or interrupting another person's speech, similar in context to the English expression "Shut up!".

What is the longest Filipino word? ›

The longest known Filipino word in a dictionary is the 32-letter, 14-syllable Pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin, which means "the most emotionally disturbing (or upsetting) thing" from the root bagabag which means "to upset".

Is Kupal a swear word? ›

(colloquial, vulgar) Crap!

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