How to Mention a Dress Code on an Invitation (2024)

Telling your guests the dress code on your wedding invitations is essential. It will avoid questions and ensure that your guests dress according to your event, weather, location, and formality.

If your wedding is a rustic outdoor theme at a barnyard in the summer at 5 PM, your guests may guess the dress code, and many couples are choosing not to include dress codes on their invitations. But make sure you’re not making these mistakes:

You can make it clear to your guests just by wording it at the bottom right or center of your wedding invitation card.

What I mean by “clear” is to make it easier to understand. If you add “resort formal”, “country club casual”, “beachside chic”, or “retro Hawaiian dress” your guests will be scratching their heads and asking for clarification.

If you’re going to use a non-traditional dress code, make sure it’s clear, like “casual picnic attire”, and add a line that guests will thank you for: “The service will be held on grass. Please wear appropriate shoes.”

Friend, before I show you the examples, check our ultimatewedding planning checklisttimeline is based on a one-year engagement to help you stay organized, feel in control, and stay one step ahead of last-minute arrangements. Planning ahead for your wedding is essential to keep you calm and ward off sleepless nights during the planning process.

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Dress code on your wedding invitation – How to mention it

White-tie – (This is the most formal wedding attire) We ask for tails for the men and full-length gowns for women.

Black-tie – We ask that men wear tuxedos and women wear formal gowns of any length.

Formal attire / Black-tie optional – We ask that men wear dark suits or tuxedos and women wear dresses or formal evening pants in colors of their choice.

Dressy casual / Semi-formal attire – (For this attire, we recommend making reference to the time of the year) For this time of the year in New York, we suggest men wear suits or sport jackets and pants, and women wear dresses or dressy pants.

co*cktail attire – (It’s a balance between semi-formal and black-tie optional) We ask that men wear a suit and tie, and women wear a tea-length, knee-length or midi dress.

Festive attire – (It’s a dress code relatively new) We ask that men sport a suit, jazzed up with a bright tie or creative pocket square, and women wear a co*cktail dress or party dress in a fun color paired with playful accessories and heels or dressy flats.

Casual attire – (This indicates the wedding will likely be held outdoors or on the beach) We ask that men wear suits and women wear a co*cktail-style dress.

Themed wedding – (Couples request that their guests follow the theme with their attire. It can be one color or “all-white formal” dress code) We know it’s not traditional, but we request that you wear all-white, casual wedding attire (no ties or jackets required) to our bohemian beach wedding.

Dress code on your wedding website

Always include your dress code on your wedding website. Here you’ll have space to describe it and be more specific.

Use the FAQ to include this info.

For example, on the front page (the home page) of your wedding website, include the dress code and link it to a page where you can describe it more specifically.

You can use the examples above and provide more details if you can to help your guests understand the dress code better.

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How to Mention a Dress Code on an Invitation (2)
How to Mention a Dress Code on an Invitation (2024)
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