Empower Your Business in USA & Canada with Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Products & Services (2024)

Together, Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud will bring Salesforce’s #1 CRM platform — including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Salesforce Platform — to customers in the Greater China Region.

Alibaba’s advanced, secure infrastructure and knowledge of these markets will empower MNCs with a solution that meets local business needs.

Empower Your Business in USA & Canada with Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Products & Services (2024)


Is Alibaba Cloud available in USA? ›

Empower Your Business in USA & Canada with Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Products & Services.

What are the products of Alibaba Cloud? ›

Products. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS and SaaS, including services such as e-commerce, big data, Database, IoT, Object storage (OSS), Kubernetes and data customization which can be managed from Alibaba web page or using aliyun command line tool.

What are the benefits of Alibaba Cloud? ›

The Advantages of Alibaba Cloud's Services

Users will have the increased visibility and control over the security measures. Other security services include Anti-DDoS Pro, Mobile Security and Web Application Firewall. What's more, this service is available to all Alibaba Cloud users free of charge.

Which companies are using Alibaba Cloud? ›

Which Are the Top Companies That Use Alibaba Cloud?
Company NameCompany Size (Number of Employees)Revenue in USD
Zara95,000$13.2 Billion
Red Hat Inc.19,000$17.77 Billion
Lenovo Group71,500$60.74 Billion
Vmware Inc.37,500$11.8 Billion
6 more rows

How does Alibaba work in USA? ›

In all, Alibaba doesn't operate exactly like any other ecommerce company out there. For one thing, Alibaba is a comprehensive directory of suppliers, connecting them directly to buyers from all over the world (i.e. retailers). Alibaba presents millions of products to source, all from the suppliers themselves.

Can a US citizen buy from Alibaba? ›

Can Anybody Order from Alibaba? Yes, anyone can order from Alibaba. Alibaba is the largest supplier directory where a single person can order directly from a manufacturer. But remember that Alibaba doesn't make anything, they feature manufacturers who will work with both individuals and companies.

Who is the owner of Alibaba Cloud? ›

Alibaba's main co-founder Jack Ma served as the executive chairman of the Alibaba Group from its founding until 10 September 2019. Daniel Zhang succeeded Ma and has also served as Alibaba's CEO since 2015. J.

How safe is Alibaba Cloud? ›

Alibaba Cloud provides secure data encryption during information transmission. It uses SSL/TLS protocols for high information transmission security. Isolation and protection of data are the main principles of data compilation.

Is Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud the same? ›

Alibaba Cloud-Alibaba Group. Established in 2009, Alibaba Cloud is the digital technology and intelligence backbone business of Alibaba Group. It offers a complete suite of cloud services to customers worldwide, including proprietary servers, elastic computing, storage, network, security, database and big data.

What makes Alibaba Cloud different? ›

Hybrid Cloud: Alibaba Cloud enables customers to build and deploy applications across a hybrid cloud environment, combining the benefits of on-premises infrastructure with the scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

Why do people use Alibaba? ›

Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace for buyers looking to purchase large quantities of products at the lowest price. You can use Alibaba to negotiate directly with manufacturers, order custom products, add branding to private label products, and achieve significant cost savings by negotiating repeat orders.

What is Alibaba mainly used for? ›

People use Alibaba for their businesses for several reasons, including: Access to a wide range of suppliers: Alibaba is a massive online marketplace that connects businesses with suppliers from all over the world, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Does TikTok use Alibaba Cloud? ›

Details: ByteDance decided to move its servers for TikTok from Alibaba Cloud to Amazon Web Service and Oracle, Caixin reported last week, citing two anonymous sources. The contract is worth approximately $800 million per year, said the sources.

Is Alibaba Cloud profitable? ›

Alibaba's cloud unit in the fiscal third quarter delivered revenue growth of 3%, but improved its adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and amortization by 86%.

How is Alibaba Cloud doing? ›

And with the development of new trends like artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, etc., long-term prospects look excellent for Alibaba Cloud. Yet, after delivering remarkable growth rates for many years, the cloud business had a meager 4% growth in the fiscal year 2023 ended March 31, 2023 .

Is Alicloud cheaper than AWS? ›

AWS is similar, offering standard, infrequent and “Glacier” storage services. Overall, Alibaba Cloud's storage prices are slightly lower than those of AWS at all storage tiers. The pricing structures for Alibaba Cloud storage and AWS storage are somewhat different and vary depending on which data centers you use.

How do I change my country on Alibaba Cloud? ›

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Names.
  3. On the Domain Names page, find the domain name that you want to manage and click Manage in the Actions column.
  4. In the Basic Information section, click Modify.
  5. In the Region dialog box, select an acceleration region.
Jul 14, 2023

Is Alibaba safe for US customers? ›

Yes, it is generally safe to buy from suppliers on Alibaba, but you should take the following things into consideration before committing to a supplier: level of professionalism, the supplier's familiarity with the product you are buying, level of communication, level of transparency, and ability to provide samples and ...

What is the difference between AWS and Alibaba Cloud? ›

Alibaba Cloud has a few sites in Europe and the US, but none in South America. AWS has global coverage, including two China regions. Both Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services provide block, object, and file storage. Both companies also provide low-cost “cold” storage.

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