DJ Will Gill | What Are DJs Actually Doing On Stage? (2024)

DJ Will Gill | What Are DJs Actually Doing On Stage? (1)

Have you ever been to a concert or party and noticed someone behind a table full of electronic devices? As the music plays and everyone dances on the floor, you understand that this person is controlling the crowd’s feelings with their songs.

A DJ, or disc jockey, serves as the music maestro, actively controlling the event’s vibe. But, amid the flashing lights and the booming bass, have you ever wondered what exactly are these DJs doing on stage? It may seem like they’re just spinning pre-recorded music, but in reality, there’s a lot more to it. Let’s delve into the intricacies of their craft and break down their on-stage actions into terms that are easy to understand.

DJ Will Gill. He’s a music magician who knows how to get a party started. With his collection of tunes and his skill at mixing beats, he can transform any event into a fun-filled dance party.

But Will Gill is more than just a disk jockey. His love for music and his talent for choosing the right song at the right time makes him stand out in the crowd.

Spinning the Music

Imagine being at a party where the person responsible for your entertainment is the DJ. Their job? To fill the air with music that gets your feet tapping and heart racing. They use different tools like turntables, DJ sets, and DJ software sometimes computers to create their music.

However, being a DJ isn’t as simple as pressing ‘play’ on a Spotify playlist. Being a Disc Jockey is like being a chef, carefully selecting components to make a pleasing mix. In the same way, DJs accurately choose each song they play.

They don’t just pick songs without thinking. They watch the crowd, feel their energy, consider the type of event, and even think about what time it is. For instance, if the crowd is brimming with energy, a DJ might opt for upbeat, fast-paced tracks. However, if it’s a chill event or late at night, they might play slower, more calming music.

So, while it may seem like DJs are just playing songs, they’re crafting a sonic journey tailored to the mood and vibe of the event.

Mixing Tracks

Have you ever observed that when a corporate DJ is in action, the music keeps flowing seamlessly? Like an unending river of sound, where one song smoothly transitions into the next. This is because DJs are experts at blending songs, a skill known as ‘mixing’.

Imagine trying to listen to two songs at the same time. Confusing, right? But that’s exactly what DJs do. They have one song playing out loud for everyone to hear, and another song playing in their headphones that only they can hear.

Their task is to make these two different songs sound like they’re part of the same musical story. To do this, they adjust the speed of the second song so it matches the rhythm of the first song. They also control the volume of the second song to ensure it’s not too loud or too soft compared to the first.

Once they’ve got everything just right, they slowly replace the first song with the second. The transition is so smooth, that you probably won’t even notice when one song ends and the next one begins! A tricky skill that requires a keen sense of hearing and lots of practice. But when done right, it creates a continuous flow of music that keeps the party going.


Imagine you’re at a party where the DJ is playing some cool tunes. Suddenly, you hear a unique sound that’s a bit like a ‘zippy’ or ‘scratchy’ noise. That’s the DJ adding their special touch, using a technique called ‘scratching’.

Scratching is like the DJ’s signature move. When they grab a large black music disc and slide it back and forth on a player known as a turntable. This creates a special sound that’s different from the usual beats of the song.

Like when an artist adds a few extra brush strokes to a painting to make it stand out. In the same way, scratching lets DJs add their flair to the music. Their way of saying, ‘This is my mix, and it’s unlike any other.’ So, next time you hear that ‘scratchy’ sound, you’ll know it’s the DJ putting their unique stamp on the tune.


Imagine you’re listening to a DJ and the music is flowing so smoothly that it feels like one long, continuous song. This is because the DJ is using a special technique called ‘beat-matching’.

Beat-matching is like a musical puzzle. When the DJ takes two different songs and makes them sound like they’re dancing to the same beat. The DJ does this by matching the two songs’ speed – or ‘tempo’ -.

Think of it like two people running a race. If someone is running quicker than the other, they must slow down or the other should speed up so they can run together. Similarly, the DJ controls the speed of one song on their equipment to match the speed of the other song.

When the speeds match perfectly, the DJ can mix the two songs. The result? The two songs are part of the same rhythm, creating a seamless musical experience. So, beat-matching is another way DJs keep the music flowing and the party going.

Reading the Crowd

Picture yourself at a party, and the DJ kicks off a song that resonates with everyone. Suddenly, everyone’s dancing and having a good time. How does the DJ determine the perfect selection of music to play? This is because one of the DJ’s key jobs is to ‘read’ the crowd.

Reading the crowd is like being a musical detective. The DJ has to figure out what kind of music the audience wants to hear. They do this by watching how people react to different songs. Are they dancing and having fun, or are they sitting down and looking bored?

If the crowd isn’t enjoying a particular type of music, the DJ has to think fast and make a change. They might switch to a different style of music, or play a well-known song that everyone loves. like if you’re at a dinner and everyone’s not liking the food, the chef might decide to cook something different that everyone likes. different types of DJs excel at playing crowd favorites at the right time, keeping party energy high.

Creating Atmosphere

Think of the last time you went to a party or event. Remember how it felt – was it relaxed and laid-back, or was it full of energy and excitement? The person responsible for creating that feeling is the DJ.

Just like a painter uses colors to create a mood in a painting, DJs use music to set the atmosphere at an event. If they’re playing at a calm lounge, they might play smooth and relaxing tunes. But if they’re at a lively club, they’ll likely play upbeat songs to get everyone dancing.

But there’s more! DJs also use things like lights, images on a large screen, or even their dance moves to make the event even more fun. Like when you decorate your room with posters and fairy lights to make it feel cozy and cool.

Remember, DJs do much more than play music. They’re like musicians, performers, and people-readers all in one. They work to ensure everyone has a great time, leaves smiling, and possibly discover some new favorite tracks. So, next time you see a good DJ on stage, know that they’re working hard to create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy

DJ Will Gill | What Are DJs Actually Doing On Stage? (2024)
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