16 Best Electric Golf Push Carts (2023 Buying Guide) (2023)

Electric golf push carts are growing in popularity as the game of golf sees a rebound in rounds played. The motorized push carts reduce player fatigue and a remote control golf cart allows you to walk a hands-free round of golf.

Below is a selection of the best walking golf carts on the market today. We've also rated some of the best golf Bluetooth speakers here.

What should I look for in an electric golf push cart?

You should evaluate the price, size, and weight of the motorized golf cart to ensure it fits your needs and budget. Then determine if you need remote control golf cart or follow capabilities along with maneuverability, top speed, and hill climbing. Battery type and accessories round out the list of features to evaluate.


How much does an electric golf push cart cost?

Most motorized push cart golf caddies will run between $700 and $2,999. On the low end are electric motors that you can add to your existing golf cart. On the high end are follow / remote control electric walking golf cart models with great maneuverability, stability, foldability, and ease of use.

The M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy is a fantastic model. It is incredibly maneuverable and has an anti-tip wheel in the rear. The electric cart comes with a two year warranty and can run for 36 holes on a single charge.

The remote is very responsive and it is quite stable on hills. The rechargeable remote control handset conveniently clips to the caddy frame for easy access and storage. The cart has a simple folding mechanism and a “trunk friendly” design you’ll appreciate at the end of a round of golf.


  • Highly rated across many features
  • Remote control golf cart
  • Anti-tip wheel in the rear
  • Phone Charging


  • Lacks a follow mode

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Most Maneuverable Electric Golf Push Cart

The MGI Zip Navigator has a very tight turning radius thanks to its 360-degree front wheel. The Navigator has has multiple speed settings to help match your walking pace. Because of the back wheel design, it resists tipping over. The Navigator electric cart can even keep track of your walking distance.

With a two year warranty and up to 36 holes on a single charge, the Navigator might be the right model for you. The Zip Navigator comes standard with a 24V 380Wh Lithium Battery and Battery Charger with purchase.


  • Top in terms of maneuverability
  • Slim design
  • Tracks walking distance
  • Easy to use remote control golf cart


  • Lacks a follow mode

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Most Innovative Electric Golf Push Cart

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I love the innovation of this design in that it transforms your current golf push cart into a motorized version of itself. It sounds complicated but it’s simple and easy to use. It has an optional “Follow mode” makes the cart hands-free to use. It has a 6 axis gyroscope to detect terrain and maintain stability. The Alphard golf booster comes with a 2 year warranty and the battery lasts for about 27 holes. It is an innovative way to transform your existing trolley into an electric push cart.


  • Easy to modify your cart to use (check compatibility)
  • Low price point
  • Has a follow mode
  • Straight tracking technology


  • Stability depending on base model used

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Best Value Electric Golf Push Cart

The MGI Zip X1 is a four wheel design with a removable battery for ease of charging. It has a single motor and a fixed front wheel. The battery lasts 18 holes and its inexpensive price point makes the MGI Zip X1 our best electric golf cart value.


  • Inexpensive / value price point
  • Strong motor
  • Small and lightweight (25lb)
  • It has a rotating/lockable front wheel


  • Stability can be an issue - a bit top heavy
  • No breaking / downhill speed control
  • There is no remote

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Easiest Motorized Golf Push Cart to Setup

The Stewart Q is one of the most compact motorized golf carts on the market. It has four wheels and two year warranty. It can run for 36 holes and is super easy to set up.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Excellent follow capabilities
  • Compact folding design
  • Tight turning radius
  • Optional manual mode


  • Storage bag design isn't great

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Premium Electric Golf Push Carts

Easily switch between Follow Mode - Automatically Follows the Golfer or Marching Mode - Also Can Track In Front of the Golfer. This remote control golf cart comes with powerful and quiet 250 watt dual motors.

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Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Push Cart
The Callaway Travers features a fully remote variable speed and directional control. It includes handle-based preset distance options or it allows control via a remote. It is a compact design, remote control golf push cart with durable construction and twin motors.

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Cart Tek GRi 1500li V2 Electric Golf Caddy
The Cart Tek V2 has three different modes of use: remote, trolley, and free-wheel. It includes programable settings for turning force, for the speed buttons, and for tracking so you can customize your caddie to your needs. It lasts 36 holes between charges and has a simple, frustration free daily setup.

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Budget Electric Golf Push Carts

Bat Caddy X4 Electric Golf Caddy
Bat Caddy is one of the early brands to this market and they've had a lot of success over the years. The X4 is one of the top selling remote control golf caddies in the US.

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Bat Caddy X3R Remote Electric Golf Caddy
Bat Caddy is one of the early brands to this market and they've had a lot of success over the years. The X3R is one of the top selling remote control golf push carts in the US.

16 Best Electric Golf Push Carts (2023 Buying Guide) (13)

Nova Caddy X3R Remote Electric Trolley for Golf
Very solid construction remote cart with 80-120 yard range. It has stepless speed adjustments and an anti-tip real wheel.

16 Best Electric Golf Push Carts (2023 Buying Guide) (14)

Reviews Coming Soon:

Motorized Electric Golf Push Cart Features That Matter

Even though you won’t be pushing the cart through the round, you may be getting it in and out of your car. If you worry about that, look for a lighter model.

Getting a cart with 360-degree front wheel(s) allows for the most maneuverability as they tend to turn better. Carts with fixed front wheels tend to use differences in force to the wheels to make turns. That can be a bit on the jerky side and may tax the motors a bit more. It may also wear out the wheels faster. On the models that are designed to follow you, they will go wherever you go, so keep that in mind when walking. Remote controlled models may give you more flexibility and it is fun.

If maneuverability is a top consideration, consider Motocaddy M7 Remote and MGI Zip Navigator Remote. The Stewart Golf Q-Follow and X10 are other great options to consider.

Battery Life
I can’t think of anything more frustrating than having one of these go dead in the middle of a round. Battery life to finish your round is critical to a motorized golf cart being of value. Look for models with Lithium-ion batteries as they tend to last longer - some as much as 54 holes.

Remote Control
A remote control golf cart should include a remote control storage location that won't easily come dislodged or misplaced between rounds. You should be able to store the remote on the cart following the round and be confident it will still be there for your next round.

This is particularly important for hilly courses. I have a friend whose cart did not have rear stabilizers and would frequently tip going up hills. Look for wider stance and rear stabilizers if keeping your golf bag upright is an issue for you.

Other Features
Finally there are several other features to consider. Some models will connect to GPS to tell you how far it is to the hole, while some provide room for a golf cart cooler. Others allow you to mount a phone or attach a speaker and may provide a charge off the battery.

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Electric Golf Push Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do electric golf push carts work?
Motorized push golf carts use either a lithium ion or acid battery to power a small electric engine to power the golf cart wheels. They may also include features like a remote control or follow me feature to guide the cart.

Are there electric golf carts that follow you?
Several motorized golf push carts have features that allow the cart to follow where you walk during a round. They will either follow a fob you clip to your belt / put in your pocket or via an app on your phone.

What is the lightest electric golf cart?
The Cart Tek Galaxy weighs a mere 16 pounds fully assembled, including the battery and accessories. That makes it the lightest of the battery powered trolleys. Being light will make it easier to get out of the car and set up.

Can I use my electric golf push cart in the rain?
As long as there is a sealed unit protecting the electronics from water damage, motorized golf push carts are fine to use in the rain. That said, we would still avoid submerging the golf cart in water or being too aggressive when washing it.

Do electric golf push carts have brakes?
A number of the best golf push carts include a braking system for slowing the trolley when going down hills. It is a recommended feature if you play a hilly course or the weight of the trolley and bag on slopes is too much for you.

Can a motorized golf push cart use any battery?
Nearly all electric golf push carts will either use a lithium-ion battery or lead-acid batteries. Some trolleys use the heavier and less efficient lead-acid batteries as a way to produce a less expensive model.

How do you charge an electric golf push cart?
It works like any other device you change. The battery will plug into a standard wall outlet, and after the first charging cycle which can take up to eight hours, the battery typically re-charges in less than four hours depending on how low it gets.

How long does an electric golf push cart charge last?
Models using a lead-acid battery may only last 18 holes of golf. Higher end models with robust lithium-ion batteries often last 36 to 54 holes. That said, testing the end of the range may leave you with a heavy push cart to lug back to the club house.

Are remote control motorized golf push carts worth it?
If you are looking to walk when you play and don’t want to carry your bag or push the cart, an electric golf push cart is a good option. Even with a modest $25 riding fee, break even could be as few as 35 rounds of golf.

Is golf good exercise using a motorized push cart?
Any method of walking 18 holes will be good exercise. It is reported that even golfers riding in a cart can burn about 1,300 calories and walk 2 miles when playing 18 holes. Walking the entire 18 holes can be as much as 5-7 miles.

Who makes the best electric golf push cart?
The M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy tops our list as the best overall golf cart.How many wheels are on the best electric golf push carts?
Electric golf push carts typically have either three or four wheels.

What accessories should I get with an electric golf push cart?
Phone holders, cup holders, coolers, umbrella stands are all popular additions to electric push carts.

How many rounds of golf are electric carts good for?
Most of the best electric golf push carts are good for between 1 and 3 rounds of golf.

What's the difference between an electric golf caddy, motorized golf push cart, golf caddy carts, and an electric golf trolley?
They are all pretty much the same thing.
Different regions use different sayings for the electric golf push cart.

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