15 Best Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment (2022) - (2023)

There are tons of ways tomake money online. Are you searching for the best money earning apps in India without investment? What are money earning apps? Online money earning apps are web or mobile-based platforms which help users earn money with zero or very little investment.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss all the above questions related to theonline money earning apps without investment in India. If you want to earn Rs 500 daily online by doing nothing or less work like referring friends, playing games etc then you need to carefully read this article till the end. With the help of these money earning apps, you can generate a really good passive income even when you are sleeping.

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How To Sign-Up For Money Earning Apps From Without Investment

The process to sign-up on these online money earning apps is simple and hassle-free. They do not require sign-up fees or initial investments. You can follow the basic steps or general guidelines for signing up on these platforms.

  • Android users can download the application from Play Store iOS users from App Store.
  • Use your e-mail ID, phone number, Google account, or Facebook account to create an account.
  • Verify your registered mobile number with the OTP to complete the process.
  • In order to receive the income earned on the apps you need to add bank account details or set up a wallet. Usually, most apps require Paytm.
  • Fill in your profile details like name, gender, birth date, language, etc. Update your profile to receive offers, rewards, notifications etc.

Top 15 Popular Money Earning Apps Without Investment In India


PhonePe is the safest money earning app and the key driver of UPI transactions in India. It has created a strong, scalable, and transparent online transaction ecosystem for speeding the widespread adoption of e-commerce in India.

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It is India’s best money earning app as transactions take place at a faster rate and perfectly. you earn cashback on certain online payments, mobile or DTH recharge, electricity or water bill payments, etc. Moreover, you win attractive vouchers, discount coupons, cashback, or customized deals on branded platforms or products for every transaction you do. Furthermore, if you refer people to the app, you have greater chances of winning considerable prize money.


People use ShareChat for entertainment but you will be surprised to know that with the help of this app people are earning money sitting at home. If you want to earn money from ShareChat, then there are many different ways for it. You can upload videos on this platform. The more unique videos you upload, the sooner you can become popular. If you have more followers, then companies give you money to promote their products. Not only this, on referring this money earning app without investment, you will get Rs 40 for each referral. If you share any video or post of ShareChat on Whatsapp etc., then you earn money for that too.


Wonk is the best online money earning app without investment where you can earn money by teaching online. Wonk team will certify you as a teacher, and you can earn money instantly according to your teaching experience and eligibility. Through this app, you can earn Rs 250 to Rs 1000 per hour. Your earnings may also depend on other factors such as which class of students you are teaching, subject and student’s board. Becoming a Certified Online Teacher is not very difficult, because even with little or no teaching experience, without any investment you can do this work online.


MobiKwik is also a UPI money transfer app. It helps us to transfer money and complete online transactions quickly. Here you can make money through cashback. Apart from it, if you refer a friend then you will get a Rs 20 cashback in your MobiKwik wallet. You can use this balance torecharge or pay billsanytime. The more people you refer, the more cashback will be credited to your account.

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Sheroes is a female based social network that is trustworthy, safe, and empathic. It is a chat-based hotline that is supported by networks created in support of women.

It is regarded as the biggest social networking app for women, assisting them in sharing their interests through a variety of videos and posts, finding and sharing food recipes, receiving free legal and medical advice, utilising the free women’s helpline, receiving free beauty and fashion advice, finding work from home opportunities with reputable companies, and learning about reselling.

Women who are less educated can also find plenty of opportunities to work through this app. Besides, it also allows women to get free career counseling, attend workshops, do online courses, learn new skills, and much more. Apart from providing these opportunities, Sheroes provides counseling services for parental tips, baby care advice, and much more.


Loco is one of the bestmoney earning appsthat allow users to earn money for playing games, watching gamers play games and live-streaming video games. You can play multiplayer games such as ludo, carrom, pool etc. You can play these games with your friends by creating your own room. Additionally, you can also play single-player games including Aqua Shooter, Bubble Shooter, Knife Ninja, Merge Mania, and many others. Besides, you can receive additional rewards by answering in-game quizzes. Although the quizzes are timed, still you have high chances of making a good amount in a day.

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Honeygain App

Money-making through Honeygain App is very simple. The best thing is that you do not have to put in any effort for it. But unfortunately, this app is for Android users only. If you have a blazing fast internet connection, you need to share it using the Honeygain app. That is all and you earn money. Remember to download the Honeygain app only if you have a fast, unlimited data connection.

Upstox Earning App

It is also one of the best money earning apps in India. Actually, it is an investment app. Here you can make money by investing your money in stocks, mutual funds, IPO etc. Upstox app also comes with a referral offer. You can earn Rs 400 referral cashback for every new referral. For the first time, if any user joins through your link and opens their Demat account then you will get Rs 100 in your account. Also, if any user makes their first investment then you will get Rs 300 additional referral commission. You can save money from your salary or whatever your earnings are and invest here.

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The Money Club

The Money Club is also an online money earning app in India. You can invest a small amount and get a high return on your investment. The Money Club is a registered online chit fund platform in which you can earn money through various ways like Refer and Earn Program, Investment in Chits, Becoming an Agent, etc.. Download The Money Club app and register on the platform. Complete the KYC and start your journey with a pilot club. Read here to know your journey on the money club platform.
You can also work as an agent and earn money by referring people to join The Money Club’s online chit fund platform.
The referral process is quite simple.

  • Users can log in to the Money Club app and tap on the ‘Refer and Earn’ option. Read to know how the Money Club app works.
  • Share the referral code with your friends and invite them to download and use The Money Club app.
  • For each referral, users get Rs 200 (100 as cash and 100 as credit). In addition, the referee gets a 50% discount on the verification fees.

Know How the Money Club App Works Here



There are 3 ways you can earn money through the TaskBud app.

  1. Daily Bonus: You can earn 100 coins every day from TaskBud app by logging in daily. For this you have to click on daily login, and you will be shown an ad. You will get 100 coins as soon as you see the ad.
  2. Offers: You can earn as much money as you want by completing offers. On completing the offers, you can earn 200 coins to 1000 coins. You must visit the TaskBud app’s main page to complete the offers. And here, you can find a variety of apps that you can download to make money.
  3. Refer a friend: TaskBud app gives you Rs.10 for making a referral. When the person you recommended instals five apps from the TaskBud app, he receives 5 rupees, and you receive 10 rupees. There are various other apps where you can refer and earn. Click the link to know the best refer and earn apps in India.


mCent app is the most feasible online money earning app without investment for users who focus on getting money rewards for referrals. Through a variety of actions, including downloading specific apps, accessing other websites, viewing movies, and clicking affiliate links, you can also earn free mobile recharge. You receive rewards for performing activities online, reading the most recent news, searching for a certain piece of information online, visiting Facebook, and viewing movies and videos.

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MooCash is a daily cash-giving app with a pan-global presence in 100+ countries. For playing games, watching videos, and completing surveys it pays rewards in cash, Bitcoin, or prepaid recharge vouchers. Besides, users can win complimentary offers like free Talktime, game codes, special passes, etc.

A stipulated amount of MooCash coins would be credited to your MooCash account every time you finish a given task. Once you collect 3000 coins, you may redeem them for cash. You can also use the coins to buy tickets for lucky draws and stand a chance to win mega prizes like exclusive MooCash merchandise, earphones, FIFA editions, etc.

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ClixSense or Ysense

ClixSense or Ysense is also one of the money earning apps without investment. To earn money from this app, you get many different types of opportunities, such as doing surveys, completing offers, refer and earn. Everytime your referred friend completes a survey you will get a commission in your account. You can earn ghar baithe paise kama from refer and earn apps.


EarnKaro is quite an easy money earning app without investment. All you need to do is share deals of Amazon, Flipkart,Myntra etc. with your friends and followers on social media platforms. If any of your friends purchase something from your referred link then you will get some percentage of it in your EarnKaro account. Apart from this, you can make money from EarnKaro by referring a friend. For every new referral, you will get a 10% commission for a lifetime.


My11Circle is one of the best money earning apps in India 2022. It is also known asRummy Circle. If you refer a friend then you will get Rs 551 referral cash back in your wallet. Either you can play games with this money or can withdraw it to your Bank account. This app comes with one free withdrawal per month. After that, you have to pay Rs 15 per transaction charge for Bank or UPI withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal is Rs 100.


Nowadays, many of us search online for the best online money earning apps without investment. There are many apps that are really legit. But you must note that there are many apps that we should verify well before using. For that, before you download any of the apps, check the ratings, feedback and opinions of the people in the Play Store.

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